6 Red Flags Of An Insecure Man

4. They are constantly looking for validation from you.


He is always going to be fishing for compliments from you. He’s always going to be needy when it comes to adoration and validation. Yes, he will give you lots of attention; but he’s also going to be asking for a lot of assurance from you because he doesn’t trust you.

5. They get jealous way too easily and unreasonably.

He’s going to see himself as someone who can be easily replaced by anyone you might meet. And that’s why he acts very jealous and possessive. He acts very paranoid a lot of the time to the point that he wants to control who you get to interact with. He just doesn’t seem to trust you.

6. They guilt you into staying with them because of their weakness.

This is a common tactic that a lot of insecure boys will employ on their women in relationships. They will present themselves as ultimate weaklings so that their women will feel compelled to take care of them. It’s a guilt-tripping technique that you should never fall victim to.

So, that’s it. Getting a boyfriend who is so willing to give you a lot of attention isn’t always going to be a good thing. Remember that in relationships, like in any other aspect of life, you’re always going to need a healthy balance. You want a man who is humble enough to know that he needs to share his life with you. But he also has to be confident and secure enough to be his own person outside of the relationship.

At the end of the day, you always want to be attaching yourself to a strong individual who is going to be able to help carry the weight of the relationship. You can’t be with someone who is so weak; someone who relies on you to do a lot of the heavy lifting for the both of you. You’re going to need two able-bodied individuals to make a relationship work. Neither of you can afford to slack off if you want your relationship to last for the long haul.