6 Red Flags That You And Your Partner Have Stopped Growing In The Relationship

Heed the warning signs!

A lot of couples will make the mistake of staying in relationships just because it’s comfortable for them to do so. But sometimes, comfort isn’t exactly the best motivation to stay in a relationship. In fact, a little too much comfort can lead to complacency and stagnancy. You never want to stop growing as an individual or as a couple. You always want to make sure that you are traversing this life with the zeal for development and growth. You always want to be progressing as much as possible through this world. The only way for you to have a fulfilling and meaningful life is if you never grow complacent; if you continually seek learning and wisdom. This is applicable to you whether or not you’re in a relationship.

But again, unfortunately, there are just too many couples who stay in comfortable relationships even when these relationships aren’t necessarily going anywhere. These relationships have no direction and they no longer add value to the lives of the people who are in it. Love should never be something that you just settle for because it somehow satisfies you to a certain extent. It should be a major driving force that motivates you to get up every morning and face the world with passion and vigor. Love should be a great energizer; it shouldn’t just be something that’s there for you whenever convenient.

There is a very big problem when a couple just stays in a relationship out of convenience. In relationships like these, people might develop a sense of codependence and this codependence is borne out of a place of convenience and pragmatism; not a place of love. And in these relationships, growth stagnates and so does a couple’s passion for the relationship. That’s tricky because the strongest relationships are those that are constantly building on their passion and emotional connection with each other. When that happens, you risk losing any valuable reasons for staying in the relationship in the long run.

So how do you know if you’re in a relationship that has just stopped growing? Well, here are a few red flags that you should definitely keep an eye out for.

1. You don’t really make an effort to resolve the problems in the relationship.

If you don’t feel compelled to really solve the problems in the relationship, perhaps it’s because you’re not as invested in the relationship as you once were. You don’t really care about where things are going so as long as you’re comfortable where things are at the moment. The future of the relationship doesn’t matter much to you anymore so you don’t really feel the need to address the issues in your romance.

2. You would prefer spending time apart than together.

One really big sign that you’re not as in love with one another as you should be is when you don’t really have the desire to spend time with each other. You only choose to spend time with each other when convenient but if it hassles you, you would rather just not be together. It’s as ad way to go about being in a relationship with someone you’re supposedly in love with.

3. You don’t feel the need to make your partner happy.

The happiness of a person you love should always be of utmost importance to you. But if in your case, you don’t really care about whether your partner is happy or not, are you really in love? And if you’re not in love, should you even still be in a relationship with each other?

4. You would prefer to stay in than to go out together.

Not to say that all couples should always be going out with one another every single time, but there is a serious problem if you’re just constantly wanting to stay in. As a couple, you should be willing to go out and explore every once in a while. You have to have excitement and adventure together.

5. You seek other sources of stimulation.

You aren’t really being stimulated by your relationship anymore and it’s always an inherent trait in every human being to seek stimulation from various sources. It’s what keeps us from going crazy with boredom. But if your relationship isn’t enough to give you the stimulation that you need, then maybe it’s not a real relationship.

6. There is a substantial decline in the way you communicate.

Communication is absolutely key in any relationship and you must know that by now. If there is a decline in the way that you communicate with one another, then you have sincere cause for worry. It shows that you aren’t really interested in hearing each other out anymore. And it also shows that you don’t feel the need to open up to one another.

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