6 Signs That It’s Only About Sex And Not Love

Is it only about the sex?

Love and lust are two very distinct and different feelings; each of them carrying their own set of implications for a relationship. Sometimes, especially for the inexperienced, it can be very easy to blur the lines between the two and get confused by them. And while these two feelings are very much different, they also share plenty of similarities that can lead to people confusing the two. For one, both love and lust have the potential to become very intense emotions. You might actually be led to believe that you are feeling a deep and immense love for a person even though you are practically just lusting over another person.

It’s very important for you to always be able to figure out how you are feeling so that you don’t end up misleading yourself or the people that you’re with. You would never want to be deluded into thinking that you are in a real and romantic relationship with someone even though the truth is that there is no love in the relationship at all. This can prove to be very complicated for you if you fall in love with a person who you think is also in love with you, but the truth is that they’re just really after whatever sexual pleasures you are going to be able to give them. As unfortunate as that situation might sound, it tends to happen a lot and it can lead to potentially heartbreaking circumstances. You would never want to be falsely led on while in a relationship and so do yourself a favour and make sure you really know that your partner’s intentions are true and pure.

But how do you do that? How can you know for sure if your partner truly loves you? How would you know if they’re only after the sex? Well, there are a few signs that you could be on the lookout for. You just have to make sure that you are vigilant and that you are actually paying attention in the relationship. Snooze and you risk missing out on these signs. Here are a few indicators that your partner is really just in it for the sex and not for the love.

1. You feel compelled to have sex even when you’re not in the mood to do so.

This is one of the biggest signs that your partner is only in it for the sex and not the love. They don’t care about whether you’re in the mood for sex or not. All they know is that they are in need of pleasure and they see you as an object that can potentially provide that pleasure for them. They see you more as a tool than an actual partner in the relationship.

2. Your partner has shown tendencies to not be committed to you.

Commitment is a huge indicator of a person’s romantic feelings for you. If your partner truly loved you, then they would always commit to trying to make you happy and being in a relationship with you. But if they act all wishy-washy and you’re never really sure about the state of your relationship, then that’s a sign that the love probably isn’t real.

3. Any conversations that you might have together always revolved around sexy talk.

Communication is a very big part of any relationship. It’s always important for couples to always be engaging in free and open communication with one another. It’s also important for the couple to get really deep and find meaning in the things that they talk about. But when all the talks are reduced to sexual innuendo, then perhaps the love just isn’t there.

4. Your partner always avoids all talks concerning feelings and emotions.

Your partner never feels comfortable with talking about feelings and emotions with you because they know deep down inside that they don’t really feel anything for you other than lust. They only want you for your body and not for anything else. They don’t want to disappoint you by telling you the truth about how they feel.

5. Your partner seems to always be too busy for you.

If your partner only happens to have time for you just when you have sex, then that’s a big sign that they’re not really interested in building a meaningful relationship with you. Remember that time is only mostly afforded to the things that are important to us. And how your partner chooses to spend time with you is an indicator of what is most important to them in the relationship.

6. Your partner is never comfortable with spending time with you in a group setting.

They hate going out in groups because they feel like they can’t make their moves on you when other people are present. If your partner is only in it for the sex, they will always want to be alone with you so that they can do their business with you.

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