6 signs that show that he wants you for an eternity

When he pulls his arms around you and kisses you around the neck, it all makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s as if, in your absence, he will be lost. There’s this insane magnetic pull between you, like you’re an indispensable commodity for him. You are the oxygen in the air that surrounds him and without it, he starts to suffocate.

It’s quite blatant; his behaviour towards you makes you believe in the finer things in life. He instills in you the hope which you had lost in a previous heartbreak. All your tears had dried up and all your tomorrows and todays were filled with emptiness, but he dispelled all the agony with the power of love.

If a guy is really into you, he will do certain things that will set him apart from other guys. Here are some of those unique things.

  1. He’s persistent

Some people become clingy and act like creeps but not this guy. He will keep his self-esteem intact but he will know that nothing is worth letting go of you for something insignificant. Deep down in his heart, he knows that there is nothing in this world that would make him happier than fighting for your love. He just doesn’t promise a forever, he proves it with his actions.

At the end of the day, a person’s worth can only be calculated by the number of promises he keeps. Humans have flaws and sometimes he may make some mistakes, but he will make amends for it.

You also have to make sure that you do not take him for granted and if he reciprocates your love, you need to reward him with your trust and loyalty.

  1. He plans the future with you

Guys are very afraid to talk about the future with you. They are afraid to make long term promises because they are unsure about their feelings which is quite understandable. Premature decisions can hurt in the long run.

However, a guy who is head over heels in love with you will not stutter when he says, I don’t think I can ever imagine living a life without you”. His eyes will be aligned with yours and the words will be spontaneous.

Sometimes, the truth becomes so obvious that you do not need to vindicate it. One look in his eyes and you’ll know that this man is crazy for you.

  1. He fights with you

Well, I’m certainly not talking about smashing your head open here. I’m talking about the little fights. He expects you to love him as well and when he thinks you’re pulling away, he gets scared. Most of the time it’s nothing, but he doesn’t take risks when it comes to you. He is overly protective of you.

This proves that he wants you in his life and you mean a lot to him and you know how he gets sometimes. You are okay with this attitude at times and know how to handle him which makes you two perfect for each other.

  1. He’s a totally different person in your presence

Whenever he’s with his family and friends, he’s not that into stuff. He doesn’t try to overdo himself. When he’s around you, he’s a totally different person, you see parts of him he would never show to anyoneВ else. His darkest and deepest secrets, he lays them all down on the table. He doesn’t feel any type of regret about saying certain things in front of you. He knows that you will never judge him and you are his confidant, his safe-keeper. He trusts you with everything

  1. He really tries to keep the conversation going

It’s not always a thumbs up or an okay or a ‘hmm’ all the time. He really tries to talk about certain stuff. Moreover, he wants to share silence with you where you just sit and stare at each other’s eyes and you can just feel that immaculate energy between you two. It all makes sense when he’s around you and to be honest, even when he is totally bored of you, he doesn’t just run away but stays and waits for this phase to pass by.

  1. He goes overboard to please you

Sometimes, when you are least expecting it, he will do things that will not even be in your wildest dreams. He will bring tears in your eyes and surprise you. You will know in your heart that he really does want you in his life for an eternity.

In the end, a guy who really wants to be with you will really prove it to you and nothing in this world can stop him from proving his love.

Ladies, talk to me

So, have you met the guy who wants you for an eternity? Let me know in the comments below!

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