7 Most common myths about sex

Size does not matter, passion does.

Sex is a very natural part of life. We think about it, we talk about it, we indulge in it. The problems start happening when the misconceptions and myths take the lead. This is very destructive as I’ve seen a lot of relationships suffer because of this. This article is going to focus on some of the most common myths about sex. Let’s begin.

Myth #1 – You SAY it BEST, when you say nothing at all

Lovely song indeed, but it’s just a good old song, guys. Gone are those days when silent sex was THE BEST THING! Get over it, no one wants to sleep with a dead fish. This doesn’t mean that you try to solve arguments while having sex BUT complimenting your partner and how much you like this move or that act is THE THING. Try this and see for yourself.

Myth #2 – Guys Should make the first move

Pretty old school. There is absolutely nothing more turning on for a guy than his woman making the move. Ladies, make him feel how much you want him. Go for it and try, he won’t judge you, in fact he will go crazy for you!

Myth #3 – Size matters

As much as men around the world worry about this, science says otherwise, several surveys have been conducted with a shocking result: It’s the ACT that matters NOT the size. It’s more about a man’s ego rather than a woman’s satisfaction. So all you guys out there, start working on your arousing techniques rather the size gaining ones.

Myth #4 – Only strippers can strip

Come on, is this really what you all think? Slow stripping and teasing is one of THE most arousing acts for men and women around the globe according to scientific research. Don’t worry about those love handles or extra fats, it’s all about your confidence, reveal those parts first that your partner fancies the most and you will see the MAGIC.

Myth #5 – Condoms destroy the pleasure

Where did this myth arrive from? A survey by luckybloke.com stated that 68 percent of the men choose wrong six or shape when it comes to condoms. There you go, a myth busted. It’s time to get creative and explore more options. There are so many kinds and types of condoms out there, all you have to do is experiment. The right condom can enhance the pleasure for both the partners. Remember, safety first.

Myth #6 – Light it up

Having sex in dark is quiet comfortable? Think again. Yeah that’s what our ancestors would say. Visual is the strongest among the three “Vs” of communication so why block it? The pleasure of watching your partner enjoying your touch and caress is such a boost. It shouldn’t be about hiding any aspect of yourself, have faith in your partner. You trust them with your life, you can’t be ashamed of showing them your body.

Myth #7 – Plan it to make it special

Lit candles, dim lights, perfectly made bed with rose petals etc. Good riddles that look and feel good in movies only. Catching your partner off guard, just like that in the kitchen, while gardening or even fixing the cupboard or getting ready is totally ON. Always planning it makes it boring and monotonous and you need to keep that fire burning between the two of you. Just imagine your self all dressed up for a dinner and your partner grabs you right at the door before leaving, be creative and don’t be scared.

That’s about it for this addition of sex myths. If you guys have any myths to add on to this list, please feel free to comment below. Keep the fire burning.

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