7 Reasons Why It’s Healthier To Sleep Next To Someone You Love

5. You get a boost in your immune system.

Did you know that it can help boost your immune system whenever you sleep with someone you love in the same bed? There was a recent study that was published which indicated that people who regularly made love to one another were less susceptible to acquire viruses and illness-inducing bacteria.

6. Your body temperature is better-regulated.

Whenever you fall asleep, your brain sends a signal to your body to lower its temperature. That means that you are susceptible to feeling cold at night. But when you have someone who you can cuddle with, then you have someone who will help warm you and regulate your body’s temperature so that you don’t end up feeling too cold.

7. Your blood pressure is regulated.

Science has told us that hugs can actually help reduce a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. That means that people who are prone to getting high-blood pressure can really benefit from going to bed at night with someone they are in love with. These cuddles are good for the heart in both an emotional and a physical sense.

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