7 Reasons Why Smart And Attractive Women Are Still Single

You would assume that men are just groveling at her feet. You would think that all sorts of suitors are just lining up for this woman. But she’s still single. She isn’t in a relationship and she hasn’t been in one for quite a while. Why is that? Why is such an amazing girl like this not in a relationship with an equally great guy?

3. She doesn’t like to put up with bull crap.

Sometimes, relationships can bring with them a lot of drama. And a girl like her just doesn’t handle drama too well. In fact, she is just downright allergic to drama and she isn’t going to want to have anything to do with that.

4. She is just choosing to devote her efforts to other aspects of life.

There is so much depth to this world and it extends beyond more romantic relationships. She knows that she can manifest her focus and her energies elsewhere and that’s why she doesn’t want to get caught up in any relationships for now.

5. She chooses to be a strong princess without a prince.

So many women buy into the idea that they are princesses who need to wait for their prince charming to come. But she isn’t like that. She knows that she can be strong regardless of whether a prince is present or not.

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