7 Reasons Why Smart And Attractive Women Are Still Single

You shouldn’t be so quick to assume that this kind of woman is just afraid of getting her heart hurt. It’s not that she’s the type of woman who doesn’t like to take risks; someone who doesn’t understand what failure might feel like. Don’t think that she is the kind of girl who is afraid of making mistakes.

6. She doesn’t want to be considered a second option.

She is going to demand to be a guy’s priority. She is the kind of girl who would never settle for being the second option of sorts. She is always going to want to be a guy’s number one. And if she can’t have that, she won’t settle.

7. A lot of men are just intimidated by her personality.

And truthfully, she intimidates a lot of guys because of how amazing she is. She just has this way of making men think that they’re not good enough for her.

A very smart and attractive lady isn’t going to want to waste any of her time or energy on engagements and endeavors that aren’t worthwhile. She just doesn’t want to have to settle for a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. There’s so much more to her personality than her relationship status after all.

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