7 Signs That He’s Falling For You As Confessed By A Man

5. He has this insatiable urge to protect you from all harm.

More than just genuinely caring about your safety, he is going to take an active role in trying to protect you from the harms and dangers of the world. He might even come off as suffocating in this scenario but it’s only because he can’t help his feelings.

6. He starts doing random favors for you even when you don’t ask him to.

He will want to make your life feel as easy and as simple as possible. He is going to try to ease your burdens the best way that he can and sometimes this can manifest itself in the form of trying to do favors for you. He will want to put a smile on your face because seeing you smile makes him happy and fulfilled as well.

7. He will make an effort to get close to your friends and family.

He knows just how much your friends and your family mean to you. And so it’s important to him that they like him as well because he knows he would never be able to win your heart over if he didn’t get them to like him.

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