7 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Terrible Human Being

Sometimes, you can have a black heart without even knowing it. Yes, a lot of what defines your morality is how you conduct yourself in a conscious manner. You always want to try your best to be a good person, and that’s exactly why you’re making an effort to stay conscious in the way that you carry yourself in public. You always want to be practicing good manners. You always want to be treating people with respect. You always want to be as nice as possible to anyone you may meet. However, you aren’t always going to be successful in doing so. You aren’t always going to be able to hold yourself back from committing a few mistakes here and there. You are only human after all, and you are bound to have some imperfections to your personality.

In fact, on a subconscious level, you might be an inherently evil human being who is just trying to play nice. You might not be aware of it, but the signs are there for everyone to see.

1. You always snicker or giggle whenever you see someone trip or fall.

It happens to every one of us – there will be moments in life wherein we will just stumble and fall; both in a figurative and literal sense. And whenever that happens, we feel discouraged, disappointed, and humiliated. The last thing that we ever want is for the people around us to be adding to our humiliation by laughing at our failures. But sometimes, you might not be able to help yourself. It’s almost instinctive with the way that you just laugh at people who fall and stumble in public.

2. You would rather stay away from a sick person than check up on how they’re feeling.

It’s your natural instinct to just withdraw yourself from a situation involving a sick person. You don’t want to get infected and so you just choose to keep to yourself.

3. You scold someone for being careless when they injure themselves.

Instead of checking up on a person right after falling on the back of their neck as a result of a failed backflip attempt, you scold them first. You aren’t concerned about their sense of well-being. You aren’t really so concerned about checking whether they’re okay or not. Your first priority is to make them feel worse about the stupid situation that they have put themselves in. You would rather guilt them about what they’ve done than see if they’re still okay.

4. You laugh at shorter people who struggle with their height.

Think of this scenario. You are in a grocery store. And you see a person who is rather vertically challenged. And because of their lack of height, they are dealing with substantial difficulty whenever they try to reach for grocery items on the higher shelves. The decent individual would go up to them and help them without malice or judgment. But you, since you’re such a terrible human being on the inside, you choose to laugh at them first. You choose to bask in their struggles before you actually lend a helping hand.

5. You don’t tell a friend about any food they might have stuck on their teeth because you would rather not have to deal with the awkwardness.

You hate awkward situations. You want to avoid them at all costs. And no one is going to blame you for that. Awkward situations are uncomfortable, and you never want to be finding yourself in one. However, there will be some moments wherein you will have to place yourself in awkward situations to do the right thing. You don’t want to leave your friend hanging. If they have some food stuck in their teeth, let them know about it so that they don’t get embarrassed by other people. Be a good friend and be willing to have that awkward conversation.

6. Whenever you listen to someone talk to you about their bad luck, your instinct is to be thankful that you’re not in their position.

Rather than empathize and try to see things from another person’s unfortunate point of view, you still concern yourself with how great you have it. You would rather focus on your fortune than concern yourself with the plight of others. It just goes to show how selfish you really are as a human being.

7. You laugh at people who have terrible eyesight and they lose their glasses.

Instead of being useful and actually helping these people who have significant physical disabilities, you just laugh at them. You somehow find a sense of joy and pleasure in being able to bear witness to the humiliation and despair of other people. That’s not necessarily the character of someone who has good moral values and principles. You might want to go ahead and check yourself during these moments; make sure that you immediately adjust your personality. You don’t want to be coming off as an evil douchebag to anyone.

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