7 Things You Would Have No Problem Agreeing On With Your Soulmate

5. Your financial habits.

Money matters in a long-term relationship. Anyone who says otherwise is being naГЇve and immature. You and your partner have to be able to see eye to eye on your spending and saving habits. Otherwise, you might end up fighting a lot over how you manage your finances.

6. Your time management and scheduling.

You are both going to have to dedicate substantial time to one another if you want your relationship to work in the long-term. But if you can’t agree on how you’re going to manage and schedule your time, then that’s a serious issue.

7. Your standards for respect for one another.

You both need to talk about what you see as respectful behavior. Of course, in any relationship, respect is always going to be a necessity to promote healthy dynamics. However, respect can also mean different things to different people. And if both of you can’t see eye to eye on your standards for respect, then you probably won’t be able to make things last.

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