7 Truthful Signs That It’s Time For You To Walk Away

Walk away and don’t look back!

Not all stories are meant to have happy endings. The sooner you are able to realize that, the better off you will be. You have to be able to accept that not all relationships are meant to pull through and that’s okay. Yes, it’s going to be difficult to bear. Yes, it’s difficult to walk away from something that you have invested so much of yourself in. But that’s part of the equation. You need to be smart and mature enough to know when a relationship is starting to become unhealthy for you. When that happens, you need to be strong enough to actually walk away. We were always taught that love isn’t something that was designed to be easy. We were always made to believe that relationships require a lot of time, commitment, and effort. That is all true.

Whenever things start to get difficult or challenging in a relationship, it would make no sense to just walk away instantly. All relationships are in one way or another going to be forced to face some hurdles. If we walked away from all relationships that hit speedbumps, then we would never find genuine love. Love is always built on hardships just as much as it is built on joy and laughter. But while it’s admirable for you to persevere in a difficult relationship, it sometimes makes more sense to cut your losses. It makes sense to just quit while you’re ahead. Yes, you should still give your relationship a try. But it gets to a point wherein you are just fighting a losing battle.

It gets to a point wherein you are just trying to prolong the life of a relationship that is doomed to an untimely demise. At this point, it’s better for you to just walk away from each other and start living the rest of your lives apart. You gave it a try, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your efforts. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know the appropriate time to walk away from a dead relationship. They will stay stuck in bad relationships even though there’s practically no hope. It’s just a substantial waste of time, effort, and mental strength to do so. So whenever you see that your relationship is exhibiting a lot of the signs that are listed on here, you might as well just move on.

1. He doesn’t ever make you feel like you’re the first priority.

While you don’t necessarily always have to be the priority in the relationship, you have to know that you’re on top at least most of the time. If your partner is constantly deprioritizing you for other things or other people in his life, then you have to consider the possibility that this relationship just isn’t as important to him as you wish it was.

2. He makes an effort only when he wants something out of you.

There’s always some form of ulterior motivation behind his good deeds and you know it. Whenever he’s being nice, sweet, or romantic to you, it’s always because he’s trying to get something out of it. He never expresses his love for you just for the sake of it. He always has to get something in return.

3. He doesn’t try to express an interest in your life.

You should be the number one star in his life. It should be you who is running through his mind all day every day. He should be borderline obsessed with your life and all the little facets of it. But if he starts acting disinterested or detached to you, then that is certainly a sign of trouble in the relationship.

4. He is a walking dead-end conversation.

Communication is a very important part of healthy relationships. In great romances, you always have to be able to be open and honest to one another. But if your case depicts otherwise, then you definitely have cause for worry. You should always be having constant deep and meaningful conversations with each other. It’s a definite bad sign if you don’t.

5. He doesn’t apologize for his faults.

A man should always be willing to apologize for his shortcomings. He should always be humble enough to swallow his pride for the sake of the relationship. He should be willing to say sorry to you whenever he wrongs you. But if he doesn’t, then that means he’s selfish and he just doesn’t care about your feelings. These aren’t healthy indications of a healthy romantic partnership.

6. He refuses to make compromises.

You are both going to have your fair share of conflicts and differences. That is perfectly understandable because of your different upbringings and worldviews. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative for the both of you to have compromises in the relationship if you want to promote balance and harmony. If you don’t, then that is just going to be a relationship filled with turmoil.

7. He cheats on you.

Simple. When a man cheats on you, he’s not serious about loving you. Get out while you still can. He doesn’t deserve your love and you should be happy with someone else.

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  1. If a man cheats once and is remorseful and deeply regrets his actions, not always sure it’s necessary to walk away. We are fallible beings.

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