7 Ways To Burn Belly Fat While At Home

It would be safe to assume that a vast majority of the world would want a trimmer figure, especially around the waistline. It’s always so disheartening whenever you grow a few sizes up because of a few bad dietary choices in life. For one, you know that you don’t look your best anymore and it diminishes your confidence and sense of self-esteem. Two, you know that your health is compromised because of all that extra fat inside of your body. You want to take action. You have developed a resolve to start a new life. You want to start being healthier and fitter. You want to look better and you want your health to be at its optimal state.

Of course, belly fat doesn’t necessarily good on you from an aesthetic perspective. And that can serve as a good motivator. However, the priority is always going to be your long-term health and physical well-being. Yes, you might feel good about yourself even if you’re fat. However, your extra body fat is slowly killing you and compromising your physical health. You never want your quality of life to be compromised just because you are too lazy to exercise every now and then.

Naturally, you’re going to have to eat better if you want to burn a lot of that belly fat. You’re going to want to cut out a lot of unnecessary carbohydrates and fats to make sure that you aren’t adding to the fact that is already on your body. You will want to focus on a protein-heavy diet that builds your muscles which aid in fueling your metabolism and trimming fat. And to go along with that protein, you are going to want to engage in rigorous exercise so that the protein is able to help build the muscles that you break.

However, if you have limited time or resources for a gym membership, you shouldn’t really use that as an excuse. Here are a few exercises that you can do at home with minimal gear and equipment. You just need a little time, effort, and dedication. Stick to a solid diet and workout plan; and you’re going to see results fairly quickly.

1. Crunches

Crunches are a great way to really work those muscles in your abdomen without really straining your back muscles. The harder you work those ab muscles, the more efficiently they will be able to burn the fat around those immediate areas. You can help ease the tension on your lower back by propping yourself up on a small pillow or cushion.

2. Running

Running is a cardiovascular activity. And this activity helps burn body fat in multiple ways. For one, core engagement. You’re always going to be bracing your core to keep yourself upright while you run. Second, you get an increased heart rate. A faster heart rate means that your metabolism gets fired up and you burn more fat.

3. Planks

Of course, planks are one of the most efficient way to strengthen those ab muscles. Not only are you engaging your abs, you are engaging your legs, shoulders, and arms as well. Your entire body is stuck in a position of extreme tension. And that can really help burn all of that belly fat off.

4. Pushups

A push up is essentially a plank with a lot of upper arm movement going on. So don’t be afraid to build up some muscles in those arms and shoulders along with those rock hard abs as well.

5. Squats

Remember that the bigger your muscles, the faster your metabolism is going to be. Your body will be working harder to fuel these muscles and that’s why it will burn more of your fat. And you should know that the biggest muscles in the body can be found on the legs. So yes, if you work your legs out, you’re going to burn a lot of belly fat as well. Add an extra challenge by holding heavy items while you squat.

6. Pull-ups

Even though pullups may seem like an upper-body exercise, they can really work your core muscles as well. Remember that your core is composed of your buttocks, your side obliques, your lower back, and your front abs. When you do a pull-up, you are mostly using your arms and your upper back, but you are also greatly engaging your core in the process. All of this can help burn body fat. And all you need is a pull up bar; or something you can hang on to in a suspended position.

7. Skip Ropes

Get that heart rate up and you’re going to be able to burn more fat. Skipping ropes is a great cardiovascular activity that only requires a few meters of space and a jump rope. It’s also a really nice alternative for people who need cardiovascular activity but who hate running. There are those in this world who just don’t like to run; and skipping ropes would serve as a great replacement.

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