8 Men Reveal Why They Fell In Love With Their Women

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Falling in love is such an amazing and complex experience. On one level, it’s the single most beautiful experience that you could ever share with another human being. And on another level, it’s also the most frightening and bravest ordeal that you could ever put yourself through on an emotional level.

Yes, you are allowing yourself to get closer and closer to another person, but you are also opening yourself up and making yourself more vulnerable to this individual. And not all relationships have positive pay-offs. You really do risk your feelings when you fall in love but ultimately, you know that it’s worth it.

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And women tend to be much better at dealing with the matters of the heart than men are. They know just how to manipulate men into falling for them even without being completely overt and forward. Sometimes, you might be just hanging out with a girl and she’s already putting the moves on you without you even knowing it.

But there are also some men that are perceptive – and they are able to pick up on a few of these moves. Here are some subtle things that women do which make men fall in love with them (as revealed by real life men).

“She makes me little love notes.”

It might seem like something very simple and shallow – but it’s really what solidified his love for her. It’s really about the little gestures like this – when accumulated over time – that make a love special.

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It’s the little things that you do for one another day in and day out that really strengthen your love for one another. And while little love notes aren’t so grand – they’re just as special as anything else.

“She really puts in the effort in trying to look good for me.”

The little things matter in a relationship. And even though it made them late for events and parties a lot, he always appreciated how she really took the time and effort to look good for his benefit. She always wanted to make sure that she was presenting the best version of herself to him.

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“She looks at me like I’m the only guy in the room.”

Sometimes, you can be saying so much without even having to open your mouth. You can really tell a lot about how a person feels about you by the way they look at you. And this guy knew that he was with the right girl when she always managed to make him feel like the only guy in the room whenever she was looking at him.

“She always shows up whenever I’m at my most vulnerable.”

This guy fell in love with the girl who was always there for him. This is a girl who always made it a point to make sure that he felt loved and appreciated even when he was at his lowest. And that’s really what love should be. It should be persistent. It should maintain a constant presence in the lives of two people – whether in good times or bad.

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“She puts all of her feelings into her kiss.”

A kiss can also be one of those things that say a lot about how a person feels about you. And this guy knew that he was in love when his girl just kissed him with all of her feelings. She wasn’t holding back and it didn’t feel unnatural or weird at all.

For him, it all felt really organic and special. And he knew that he was lucky to have someone like her who really put herself out there.

“She always paid attention to the little things.”

He knew that he was in love with her when he realized that she considered every single aspect of their relationship special and important. Even something as simple as remembering that one thing that he mentioned to her in a random conversation 3 weeks ago – just because she considers it important to always pay great attention to detail.

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“She constantly tries to make me laugh.”

It’s all about making one another happy after all. And he knew that he was smitten by her when he realized that she was always putting in the effort when it came to bringing a smile to his face. He loved how she was always concerning herself with his sense of joy and happiness especially when they were together.

“She treats my nieces and nephews so kindly.”

It was when she was treating his nephews and nieces with utmost care where he really fell in love with her. He saw in her a woman who had a heart for others. She made it a point to always be kind to the most important people in his life.

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And she was also showing him that she was fully capable of taking care of children – should he ever want kids of his own in the future.

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