8 signs he’s the guy you should be marrying

7. He is a romantic

Sentimental guys are hard to come by, I’m proud at the way I express myself with my girlfriend and she loves this fact about me, the fact that I am expressive about each and every feeling I have. A friend of mine once told me, he said:

“You’re very expressive and vocal about your feelings. A lot of girls are just going to use you until they find some douche.”

I didn’t believe it back then and the fact that my girlfriend loves me so much because of this is proof that I wasn’t wrong in not believing my friend. If you have a guy who’s emotional and expressive, marriage is your next step.

8. He doesn’t care about how “hot” you look

A man who loves you will love you regardless of how much makeup you put on your face or how hot you look. A man who loves you also knows that beauty and “hotness” are very superficial things and feelings are what count in the end. If you have a guy who looks at you in the same loving way in any case, he’s a keeper.

That’s it for now, ladies. Have you found your Mr. Right? Let me know what you love about him in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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