8 Signs Your Man Is Giving Up On Your Relationship

You never want to be blindsided by a breakup in your relationship. If your man is slowly giving up on you, you always want to be sure that you are aware of it. If you are staying on top of things, then you have a chance to make things right in your relationship. Or at the very least, you are able to brace yourself for the emotional impact of an impending breakup.

1. He becomes emotionally unavailable to you

He doesn’t make you feel safe to express yourself to him anymore. In the past, he always used to be a receptacle for your feelings and emotions – whether positive or negative. He always allowed you to open up to him in whatever way you wanted. But nowadays, he is emotionally unavailable to you. He no longer makes you feel like he’s invested in your feelings and so you feel unsafe to talk to him about them. You get the sense that he is no longer a willing listener.

2. He stops putting in the effort to try to make you happy.

He’s no longer invested in making an effort for your relationship. You both know that it takes a great deal of effort, dedication, and commitment to make your relationship work. But lately, he’s been very uninterested. He has seemed cold and distant. It’s as if he doesn’t really have a stake in this relationship anymore. He might still be physically present; but emotionally, he has already checked out and you’re carrying this relationship on your own.

3. He criticizes you just to hurt your feelings.

There should always be room for proper criticism in a relationship. Couples should always feel free to be honest with one another so as long as it comes from a place of love and care. But you get the sense that there is no love and care in his criticism for you. It’s all about him just hurting your feelings and making you feel like less of a person than you actually are. He’s doing it to break your heart and turn you off to the idea of liking him.

4. He stops telling you that he loves you.

You DEFINITELY know that something is wrong if your man has stopped telling you that he loves you. When two people are in love, they should never run out of ways to express their love and affection for one another. But the very fact that he isn’t invested in letting his feelings be known to you at this point may be proof that he no longer has those feelings. Maybe you no longer hold a special place in his heart.

  1. What would be her posible reason why she just suddenly stop communicating with me?She’s distancing herself from me with no reason and I don’t know whats her reason!

  2. This shouldn’t just be about men. This article pertains to any side of the relationship. I saw myself exhibiting some of these behaviors before giving up on my partner.

  3. He does 1-6, and i just cant move on. it really hurts me, i’ve done so much effort for my family and to save us from being broken but he seems to be the one to break it. i pity my daughter to grow up without a father.i never dreamed of this. i just hope i can cope all the stress and depressions this life has to bring.

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