8 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Is Toxic And Manipulative

5. He makes you feel bad for whatever small mistakes you make.

He really makes you feel guilty whenever you screw up or commit a mistake. And he doesn’t let go of any of it. He really holds these grudges to make sure that you always stay guilty.

6. He makes it seem like you’re never good enough for him.

He will always make it seem like you’re not doing enough in the relationship. He’s going to make you feel like you aren’t good enough to be with him. And he does this to guilt you into doing more and being more in the relationship.

7. He gets upset whenever you don’t allot time for him.

He wants to control ALL of your time. He wants to dictate how you should get to spend your time, and he thinks it should always be with him.

8. He makes you feel insecure about being in a relationship with him.

He doesn’t really give you any sense of security in the relationship. He really doesn’t make you feel safe about being with him. He doesn’t stay consistent enough to make you feel like he’s going to be someone you can always rely on. He doesn’t give you any sense of dependability.

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