8 Things About Deep Women That Intimidate Most Men

It’s quite an unfortunate and discomforting thought that a lot of insecure men still exist nowadays; the kinds of men who aren’t really able to handle strong and deep women. For the longest time, women have always been seen as the gender that should be more slender, gentle, and submissive.

However, that shouldn’t really be the case. As a society, we should always be pushing for a more empowered population – and that includes women. Women should always be allowed to be ambitious, hardworking, strong, and passionate. They shouldn’t be told that they aren’t allowed to go after their goals just because of their gender.

And that includes the realms of love as well. There are so many men who punish the women that they date for being strong and deeply passionate human beings. But what a lot of these men don’t know is that they are missing out big time by dismissing these kinds of women.

Sometimes, a man is just going to be so insecure to the point that he is incapable of handling a woman who is so deep and passionate. He might be intimidated by her sheer strength and intensity. She isn’t going to be the typical kind of girl that a lot of these men like to surround themselves with.

She is far from someone who is submissive and weak. She isn’t going to settle for a life that other people are going to dictate for her. She is going to live a life that she wants to live and she will be deathly unapologetic about it. She isn’t going to care much about what other people have to say. And that’s why she can be a big turn-off to a lot of men.

But it goes much deeper than that. Here are a few reasons as to why a strong, intense, passionate, and deep women are likely to intimidate a weak and insecure guy:

1. She isn’t the type who can be easily fooled and manipulated.

She isn’t going to allow herself to be made a fool out of in the relationship. And that’s why she isn’t always going to be so well-adopted by a weak-minded man who only wants to manipulate the women he’s with.

2. She is always going to keep it real.

A deep woman like her is always going to keep it real. She is always going to stay honest in the relationship. And a lot of times, these weak and insecure men aren’t able to handle the truth. They get easily offended whenever the facts are laid out in front of them and they don’t respond well to complete honesty.

3. She doesn’t settle for mediocrity in any shape or form.

She is the kind of girl who isn’t going to settle for mediocre men. And the thing about these insecure guys is that they are fully aware of their own mediocrity. And that’s why they shy away from a relationship with a strong woman. They know they would only get called out on their mediocrity.

4. She can be a real challenge to love.

She isn’t going to be the easiest woman to love and there’s a reason for that. She knows that real love is something that you ALWAYS have to work for. She doesn’t have a submissive personality and she’s always going to challenge you as a partner. However, the weakest men aren’t always going to be so receptive of that kind of personality.

5. She doesn’t shy away from genuine intimacy.

She is a woman who is ALWAYS going to want to be manifesting her intimacy in the relationship. And that can be a real threat to a lot of men who are afraid of how they feel. That can be very intimidating to men who are too scared to confront their feelings and emotions in the relationship.

6. She is an incredibly deep and passionate human being.

She has a very deep and intense passion for her. And a lot of insecure men are going to be intimidated by that passion. Why? Because these men are too insecure, lazy, and fearful to actually have that kind of passion in their own lives. They are too afraid of failing that they stop trying at life altogether.

7. She has very little patience.

She isn’t going to be the most patient woman on earth. She holds herself to very high standards and she’s going to do the same for those around her. She has very little patience for people who screw up way too often. She’s going to want to be with a guy who knows what he’s doing when he’s with her.

8. She is very selectively social.

A lot of people make the mistake of branding her as someone who is antisocial. But she isn’t antisocial at all. She is a very socially inclined human being. It’s just that she is very judicious of the kinds of people she chooses to associate herself with. She isn’t really going to want to interact with people who don’t add value to her life.

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