8 damaging things every couple should stop doing

things every couple should stop doing

7. The need to compete

It’s not a competition; it’s a relationship. A real and healthy relationship is all about two people making each other stronger than ever, not pointing out each others’ flaws and weaknesses and making each other feel like they can’t amount to anything, that’s a very destructive relationship, and I was in one a few years ago. Help and support each other with all of your heart and soul, don’t make it seem like a race or a competition.

8. Getting even instead of forgiving

So your partner made a mistake, would you try getting even with them or would you forgive them? People make mistakes; it’s in their nature, you can’t hold it against them forever, the act of forgiveness is the most powerful in existence, you love them, remember that even when they hurt you or make a mistake, assume with the best of intentions and forgive. If you start getting even with them, your relationship won’t last for very long.

That does it for this one. I hope you guys liked it and learned from it. As always, if you guys want to add anything, feel free to comment below. Stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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