8 Things He Does Which Mean That He Takes You For Granted

4. He tries to guilt you as a form of manipulation.

He tries to make you feel bad and guilt you whenever you screw up. And it’s not just that he wants you to feel bad. He wants to manipulate you. He wants to be able to use your guilt as a way to just get you to do something that benefits him. He wants to manipulate you and get you to do his bidding and he knows that he can use guilt as a valuable tool in doing so.

5. He threatens your sense of self-worth.


Whenever you get into a relationship, it shouldn’t be eating at your sense of self-worth and your confidence. Your self-esteem shouldn’t be compromised directly as a result of your relationship. Your relationship should always be adding value to your life. You should have a partner who makes you feel confident and more self-assured. You don’t want to be with someone who makes you feel bad for being who you are.

6. He compares you to other people.

You know that he takes you for granted whenever he starts comparing you to other people. He should never be subjecting you to other women as if it were a competition. It’s okay for him to have certain expectations in the relationship. But he shouldn’t be making you feel inferior and undervalued especially in reference to other girls.

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