8 Times when you Should avoid apologizing in a relationship

Sometimes in a relationship, we worry too much and sometimes we just want to keep our relationship safe and perfect. In order to do that, we apologise excessively and even on things that do not need any explanations or apologies. In this case, a person may start to lose their own worth, therefore there are things for which you shouldn’t apologise to your partner.

This will not only help you maintain your self-worth, but it will also make your partner realise that you are a strong person with a few rules that just cannot be broken or be compromised on.

We have a list of things on which you shouldn’t apologize to your partner. This is just to make you keep your self-worth alive and not to let your ego grow abnormally.

1. If you say no to any of their demands, then don’t be sorry:
If your partner asks for something which you cannot do, then there is nothing to be ashamed of. If your partner gets mad at you for saying no to something that you’re not comfortable with, then do not say sorry because it isn’t required in this case.

2. Don’t apologise for choosing your dreams over other things:
We all have dreams and everyone has the right to follow their dreams. Some people give up on their dreams for their loved ones whereas others want to pursue them. It is not something to feel guilty about. It is your right to follow the path that you want. If your partner doesn’t want you to follow that path then maybe you should try to convince them and make them understand the importance of that aim in your life.

3. Don’t apologise if your priorities aren’t according to your partner’s needs:
Some needy partners want themselves to be the top priority of their loved ones but in some cases, people have different priorities like their career or studies and maybe a secure future. In that case, if you tell your partner that your priorities are set but your partner isn’t on the top then there is no need to apologise for that as at the end of the day, it is your life and you know how you want to spend it.

4. If you end a toxic relationship, do not apologise for that either:
If you are not happy with your partner and it is affecting you emotionally. At the same time you don’t see any improvements at all, then ending it is the best option. You shouldn’t apologies for that because it is your right to have emotional peace and if anyone is disturbing that peace without giving you any kind of other comfort, then end it and do not apologize.

5. Don’t think your partner deserves and apology for the imperfections that you have:
If you have a partner who points out your imperfections and keeps asking you to fix them, then there is something terribly wrong and what you need to do is that you need to talk about it to your partner without being apologetic. Tell your partner that he or she needs to understand that imperfections are a part of every person’s personality and if you love someone, then you love them with all of their flaws and don’t force them to chance all of those things. Your flaws and your strengths combine to make your personality and a person who loves you will love you for who you are.

6. Don’t know the answer? Then it’s okay, don’t apologise.

Not everyone is a genius and knows answers to every question that has been asked, which is why if there is something that you do not know the answer to, then do not apologise for it. We are all human and sometimes we don’t know answers and one shouldn’t apologise for being human.

7. You deserve to spoil yourself once in a while, so don’t apologise for that:

We all feel like going on a shopping spree once in a while or we just like to buy a few things for ourselves every now and then. Do not apologise for that either because if there is something that makes you feel better, it is your right to have that thing and cherish it. Many people just don’t spend money and keep saving just to please their partner and if they spend a little, they start to apologise. This is not right because we all have the right to be happy.

8. Being truthful is a good thing, so don’t apologise for that either.

If you are being truthful about something and you partner doesn’t like the truth then don’t say sorry, because telling the truth isn’t something bad and if someone doesn’t like to hear the truth then it is their problem.

Always remember that if you know that you are right and there is no inner voice that is telling you that you might be wrong, don’t apologise for your actions.

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