8 Uncomfortable Signs That Your Relationship Doesn’t Have A Future

4. You are the only one who is putting in the work in the relationship.

It really takes the maximum effort of two people in order for a relationship to work. If only one person is trying hard to make things work, then it’s just never going to work out at all. The emotional weight of a relationship is too much for one person to bear.

5. You don’t get the feeling that they’re willing to commit to you.

You always need to have a certain level of commitment in a relationship if you want it to work. You can’t possibly make the relationship last if the both of you are just going to keep on goofing around; you both need to commit to taking it seriously.

6. You don’t see eye to eye on fundamental aspects of life.

You don’t have to agree on absolutely everything – but there are just some aspects of life that you both need to be on the same page on. If you are unable to reconcile fundamental ideas about love, family, morality, and other important things, you’re incompatible.