9 Keys To Surviving The Modern Dating World

The definitive survival guide for dating in today’s world.

The rules of the game have changed and those who fail to adapt are going to get left behind. It’s that simple. There’s no denying that technological advances have somehow triggered massive cultural shifts throughout the world. The way people interact and communicate with one another nowadays is so much different from how it used to be in the old days. In the advent of social media, there are just so many options for people to go about socializing with each other now. Getting in touch with another person on another side of the world is as easy as browsing through your phone’s friend list.

So it’s time that we update ourselves on the rules of dating. What rules have stayed and what new ones have emerged? Read on until the end of this list and find out.

1. Listen to what the vibrations are trying to tell you.

Good vibes. Bad vibes. People are so good at deciphering other peoples’ vibes nowadays. It comes with the territory of being young and hip in today’s modern ages. Generally, we tend to read people much better now because we’re so exposed to so many different kinds of people through an abundance of different media outlets. That’s why it can be really easy for us to tell whenever someone just doesn’t give off that vibe that we’re looking for right off the bat.

2. Always be sure to maintain an open mind.

Open-mindedness can come in really handy when it comes to effective communication. You have to learn how to operate beyond your personal echo chamber. You can’t just always limit yourself to talking to the people who agree with you all the time. Try to hear the perspectives of the people who live outside your bubble. Learn to get out there and be more tolerant of different worldviews. You never know when you can strike a love affair out of it.

3. Chivalry is and never will be outdated.

Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s somehow evolved even. In the old days, chivalry used to be described as basic gentlemanly manners which have men holding doors open for women, offering their jackets when their ladies get cold, etc. In the even older days, chivalry entailed the journeys and training regimens of knights. These days, however, chivalry has taken on to mean an entirely new thing. Chivalry is now essentially the basic and mutual respect that one can give another person. It’s all about maintaining good manners and conducting yourself respectfully to the person that you’re dating.

4. Just be comfortable with being yourself.

Stop trying to be someone that you’re not. In a world where everyone is practically the same, you will want to make yourself stand out as much as possible. But that will never work if you start trying to lie to yourself about who you are. Just pick out the best facets of your personality and make them shine the best way that you can. – Continue reading on the next page

5. Be more forward about your intentions.

People like confidence nowadays. You would be surprised at just how attractive it is to be with a person who just goes after what he/she wants. You don’t have to be passive anymore when it comes to love and romance. If you’re interested in a person, then express your interest in a polite and humble manner. Otherwise, you might let a valuable opportunity for love slip you by.

6. You don’t have to over-think everything on your dates.

Not every gesture or word that is expressed on your date has to have some serious depth or meaning. Sometimes, you just have to learn to accept things at face value. There’s no point in trying to over-think every single aspect of your dating life. Just let loose and let romance take its natural course.

7. Playing hard-to-get is no longer a thing.

As previously mentioned, it’s all about confidence. You should never be afraid to express your interest in another matter. Likewise, playing hard-to-get is very frustrating for modern daters. If you really are interested in someone, you shouldn’t be feigning disinterest at all. That’s the fastest way to lose someone that you secretly like. Just swallow your pride and let that person know how much you like him/her.

8. Always reply to text messages promptly.

Timing is everything. Never deliberately leave your dating partners hanging for long periods of time. Of course you can’t be glued to your cellphone 24/7 because you have to have a life. But always make sure that you reply to text messages promptly whenever you can. In cases where you are too busy, be courteous about it and explain yourself to your partner. It’s the decent thing to do.

9. Learn to detach yourself whenever necessary.

Lastly, you have to learn to acknowledge defeat whenever it’s there. Learn to detach yourself from failed dating ventures and just move on to the next one. There’s no point in licking your wounds or in trying to force the issue. Just pick yourself up and keep on moving forward.

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