9 Signs That You And Your Partner Have A Really Strong Relationship

4. You are working towards a future together.

The two of you aren’t content with just living for the moment. The two of you really make it a point of working towards a shared future together. You understand that in order to promote the longevity of your relationship, you need to be able to plan for the future. That’s why neither of you shies away from having talks and going through preparations for the lives that you will share as a couple.

5. You have a good team dynamic going on.

The two of you understand that more than anything else, you always equal. You are always partners. You always act as a real team. You aren’t trying to outdo one another. You aren’t in the business of competing with each other. You are always rooting for one another. You are always hoping for the best for each other. And most importantly, you always tackle the challenges and problems in your lives together. You are always acting as a genuine team.

6. You maintain your independence outside of your relationship.

Even though the two of you are in a relationship with one another, you both still make it a point to practice individuality and independence. You don’t really allow yourselves to develop a sense of co-dependence in a relationship because you know that that would only lead to unhealthy and toxic relationship habits. You both make it a point to never lose your sense of self even when you’re in the process of merging your lives together.