9 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Still Not Over You

Most people might typically assume that whenever a relationship ends, all of the feelings of hope, love, and brightness just go away as well. However, that is rarely ever the case. Just because a relationship comes to a close doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the feelings are going to magically disappear too. There are plenty of people who go through some very heavy emotional spells after a breakup especially when they are particularly painful.

However, there are also some people who show some very strange behavior after a breakup which can often be misinterpreted by those who witness it. Whenever this happens, one of the partners is usually very skeptical about whether the other one has some residual feelings for them that have been unaddressed or unresolved.

Perhaps, you have already found yourself in a situation wherein it was difficult for you to read into the clues that your ex has been dropping left and right. You might be very curious as to whether your ex still has feelings for you or not. And if that’s the case, then this is the article for you.

But hold on, you can’t be so quick to say that you don’t really care whether he still has feelings for you or not just because you have moved on from him. It’s still important that you make yourself aware of how he feels about you so that you don’t end up leading him on if he starts making an effort to actually come into contact with you. You don’t want to be so cruel so as to lead a hopeless guy on.

And if you happen to be in the same boat as all other women who long to get back together with their lost loves, then maybe these signs are going to give you hope. If you know that your man still has feelings for you and you are interested in getting back together with him, then maybe the two of you still have a chance at hitting things off.

The mere point of this article is to enlighten you on whether your ex still has feelings for you or not. Whatever you choose to do with that knowledge or information is entirely up to you.  Without much further ado, here are the signs that your ex is still very much in love with you.

1. He seemingly bumps into you all of the time.

No, it’s clearly not a coincidence that the two of you run into one another all the time. He is clearly manufacturing a lot of these meetups so that the two of you have an excuse to keep talking to one another.

2. He asks your friends about you.

He’s still trying to keep tabs on you. He is still very much interested in your life and that’s why he’s asking a lot of your friends about you.

3. He expresses a profound interest in your love life.

He seems to be profoundly interested in your love life. He is always asking around about who you’ve been dating. And you can tell that he’s jealous whenever he discovers that you’ve been seeing other people.

4. He clearly stalks you on social media.

Whenever you post a new photo, he is always so quick to comment on it. Whenever you share a viral video, he always likes it. It’s as if he’s monitoring your social media activity.

5. He texts or calls you when he’s drunk.

Sometimes, we reveal our true selves whenever we are intoxicated. And you know that he still has feelings for you whenever you’re his immediate recipient for drunk texts and phone calls.

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