9 Signs That Your Relationship Is Built To Last Forever

4. You have reconcilable goals and dreams.

When it comes to your individual goals and dreams for the future, you are both able to reconcile the paths that you set out for yourselves. You don’t really feel compelled to make major adjustments just to be able to accommodate the other.

5. You allow yourselves to stay true and genuine to your personalities.

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You never have to feel compelled to act in any manner other than what is comfortable or natural to you. Your partner always encourages you to stay your true self. There is very little judgment and criticism in your relationship because you always encourage one another to just act freely.

6. You feel like you are a better person because of your partner.

You feel like you’re just a much better person because of your relationship. You get the sense that being in a relationship with your partner just inspires and motivates you to be the best possible version of yourself. You are always striving to be better because your partner makes you want to be that way.

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