9 Signs That Your Relationship Is Built To Last Forever

7. You maintain open lines of communication between each other.

You are always free to talk to one another about absolutely anything. Neither of you makes it feel like anything is off-limits. Neither of you makes it feel like you can’t be approached about any topic that you might want to talk about.

8. You don’t withhold your feelings for one another.

You aren’t really shy about making your feelings of affection known to one another at this point. There is very little sense of pride and ego in your relationship. You don’t try to play games with each other’s hearts and feelings. You always try to keep it real.

9. You make compromises for your relationship.

You have both reached a point wherein the relationship starts to supersede every other aspect of your life. You now consider the needs of the relationship to be more important than your own individual selfish needs and desires. You wouldn’t hesitate to prioritize the relationship above other things.

By Relationship Rules

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