9 Signs Your Man Is Using You For His Ego

4. He forces you to tag along to events that don’t really require your attendance.

It’s one thing to have a partner who wants to make you feel included in his life. He wants you to get to know him better so he exposes you to his world. But it’s bad to have a partner who treats you like some sort of fashion accessory that he can’t leave home without because his outfit would be incomplete.

5. He isn’t really interested in planning a future with you.

signs ex misses you

He’s living off temporary highs with you. He’s not really invested in a future with you. He just wants to milk you for whatever good press you can give him for the time being.

6. He cares too much about how people see your relationship.

He is much more concerned about how your relationship looks from the outside than he is about your actual feelings. He wouldn’t care that the relationship makes you happy so as long as it makes him look good to others.

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