9 Signs Your Wife Has Fallen Out Of Love With You

6. She doesn’t make time to be with you.

Time is always going to be the most valuable thing that we could ever give to another person. We only ever really devote our time to the elements and people that are most important to us. And if she stops giving her time to you, then you know that you aren’t that important to her anymore.

7. She refuses to engage in arguments with you.


Arguments aren’t always going to be wrong in a relationship. Conflict can bring two people closer together. However, if you find that she’s just tired of arguing with you altogether, then that means that she’s mostly given up on both you and the relationship as a whole.

8. She goes out without you a lot more.

She starts making her plans. You notice that she goes out with her friends and she doesn’t invite you. She doesn’t want to make an effort to make you feel included in her life anymore. This is a sign that she doesn’t like being around you.

9. She cheats on you.

Of course, if she cheats on you, then that’s a definite bad sign. It shows that she has decided to put her own needs and desires above yours. And she doesn’t care about how her actions might negatively impact you or the relationship.