9 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Trying To Get Closer To You

4. She asks you lots of questions about yourself.

She feels like she’s losing her hold on you, and she wants to get it back. She really wants to reconnect with you and that’s why she’s taking even more of an interest in your life. She wants to know more and more about you.

5. She delivers so many compliments your way – more than usual.

She’s trying to remind you (and herself) of the many ways that she loves you. It’s like she’s trying to go back to the roots of her attraction for you. She is really holding on to all of the things that are keeping you together as a couple.

6. She makes more and more eye contact with you.

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She is communicating with you using her eyes. She wants to reconnect with you in an emotional space, and she can only do so with the sincerity of her gaze.

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