9 Things Girls Do That Have Profound Effects on Men

To all of the men here: do you agree?

It can be difficult to break down the macho walls of mystery and stoicism in a man. They tend to put up heavy shields to safeguard their hearts from any potential pain and heartbreak. However, when the right girl comes along, things start to break down very quickly. A man starts letting his guard down and allows himself to be more vulnerable. He sees it as a sign of weakness but it’s fine with him so as long as you’re a part of his life.

Because in a way, you are a source of his strength too. Your combined feelings for each other is enough to keep him strong and be confident about his manhood. You manage to make him feel weak and strong at the same time, but he likes that feeling of vulnerability.

Ladies, there are plenty ways to make your man weak in the knees. However, simple I love you’s won’t be enough most of the time. A lot of times, gestures can mean a whole lot more than words. You can express your love for him in various ways. The right touching expression of your love performed at proper moments can have him eating out of the palm of your hand. Here are 9 things girls do that have profound effects on men.

1. You wear that dress that he loves on you

If he compliments you on particular clothes that you wear on certain days, take a mental note of this. The next time you happen to be wearing a dress he likes, say Hey, I’m wearing that dress that you like. It shows that you pay attention to him and that you always want to look good in his eyes. It makes him feel good that you still put effort into making him fall in love with you by dressing up for him.

2. You prepare his favorite meal for him

A strong man will always want to take care of his girl. He will want to hold her in his arms and pamper her for the rest of her life. However, a man likes to feel pampered every once in a while too. Show your gratitude every so often by cooking him his favorite steak when he gets home from work. Maybe perhaps make some waffles with bacon and eggs for him to wake up to in the morning. These little gestures make him happy and reassure him of your love for him.

3. You express your gratitude for the things he does for you

Sometimes a simple thank you can have a more profound effect on him than an I love you can. An expression of gratitude shows that you appreciate his presence in your life. It gives him a self of purpose and meaning in your relationship. Also, it helps relieve him of any fears of worthlessness whenever he’s with you. Give him a gold star every now and then to show him appreciation for his good work.

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