9 Things Guys Low-Key Want To Ask From You

This is what guys low-key want.

A lot of women are desperate to find out what their men really want from them. These ladies are so close to just hiring real psychics and mind-readers to help them discover what their men expect of them and the relationship. Men can be really hard to decipher and it doesn’t help that they don’t like to open themselves up a lot. That’s why a lot of ladies can get really frustrated when they’re dealing with their men. But fortunately, it would delight a lot of ladies to know that men aren’t really all that complicated when it comes to their emotions and they’re expectations in a relationship. The complications only start and end with their reluctance to express themselves.

So how simple is the male mind? You would be surprised. They know exactly what they want and they know exactly how they’re feeling. It’s just that they don’t really like to talk about it because they’re shy or they feel like it’s not in their place to ask. A lot of men are socially conditioned to believe that they have to be the strong one in the relationship and that they should never ask their women for anything. This deluded kind of thinking can often lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and harbored resentment.

So if you really want to know what your man wants out of you but he’s too afraid to open up about it, then you should probably read through until the end of this article. Highlighted here will be the most common things that men want out of their relationships but are too afraid to ask their women for.

1. They really like the thrill of the chase.

Men don’t want to admit it, but they actually like the feeling of having to work for your love. They don’t want you to be handing things to them on a silver plate. They don’t want to earn your love so easily. They like it when they have to work to win over your affections. Give them something to work for. 

2. They want to be respected.

Of course, this doesn’t really need to be said. But a lot of people need to be reminded of this every so often. Your man is still a person with dignity and lots of pride. Any act of disrespect towards him is a huge blow to his ego and he won’t be able to tolerate it well. 

3. They want to help you out with your problems.

Even though you want to prove yourself to be a strong and independent woman, you can do your man a favor by asking for his help every once in a while. Every man likes the feeling of being useful to his lady. So even when you don’t need his help, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it. 

4. They want the occasional space and privacy.

Men never like to feel suffocated in a relationship. Their individuality is still very much important for them and you have to be able to respect that. You can’t afford to be denying your man the freedom and space that he deserves to have. 

5. They like to be complimented and shown appreciation for.

Even though they don’t particularly like to fish for your compliments, they secretly love it when you throw one their way every so often. Make your man feel good about who he is by letting him know that you’re thankful for having him around in your life. 

6. They like to mix things up in the bedroom.

Men who are genuinely in love with you would never want to make you feel like you are being objectified in any shape or form. So they wouldn’t want to ask you to do too much for them in the bedroom. But a little variety and spontaneity is always a good way to shake things up.

7. They like it whenever women take the initiative once in a while.

Remember that you don’t always have to be the passive one in the relationship. Actually, a man would even like it more if you took the initiative every once in a while. That’s why you should sometimes make the effort to be the one who plans your dates and adventures together as a couple. Stop leaving all of the decision-making to him alone. 

8. They need you to trust them.

Trust is going to be an important aspect of any relationship. You have to be able to trust him and his love for you. You can’t keep on hovering over him expecting him to screw things up for the both of you. That’s the fastest way to hurt his feelings and have him feeling inadequate. Show him you trust him by refraining from being overbearing.

9. They want a friend.

Lastly, he wants you to be his friends. More than anything else, he’s looking for an eternal companion, and he wants that person to be you. He wants you to be his buddy; someone who is there for him whenever he needs you. 

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