A Story Of A Man That Will Melt Your Beautiful Heart Completely

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This is going to be a personal story, a story of a very close friend of mine. We were talking yesterday, and about the years we saw together, he wanted me toВ write about him to show the world, to give a glimpse of just how cruel this world is. A disclaimer before I begin, I have his permission to write about it as long as I don’t reveal his identity, so this article is going to be anonymous, no names or pictures will be posted.

I was with my friend through his best of times, and his worst of times, I’ve seen him at his happiest, and I see him at his saddest presently, although I’m trying my best to fix him, such an insane amount of loss can change a man. This story is going to be very real. It’s about love gained and love lost, and love made eternal. Try to hold on to your emotions while reading this; I cried countless times while writing it all out.

This is going to be a story of a man who fought for love.

25th January 2010 – The day I made a new best friend

As you all know, I am a med-school dropout. I’ve studied medicine for over four years, and in that time I made some friends, most of them left, but one stayed. I met this guy during our first Psychology class when I was having trouble understanding a few things.

So we started to study together. And soon after that, my family issue started, and the support I got from this guy was just beyond amazing. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and he’s been one of my closest friends since that day.

He used to be in love with a girl from our class; he loved her more than words. He was the first guy to teach me the true meaning of love, selfless love. He was so scared of asking her out; she was one of the prettiest girls in our class. After a lot of pep talk, he was ready to ask her out.

2nd March 2010 – A beautiful relationship comes to life

He asked her out on March 2nd, 2010. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. In the middle of the lobby, he just went down on his knees and proposed to her, not to be his girlfriend but to be his wife, to marry him.

In his opinion, he was sure about the girl and didn’t want any “trials” before marriage. To no one’s surprise, the girl said no to him right there and then. He was heartbroken. And I could see that she was too. She used to be a friend of mine, so I went ahead to talk to her about her decision.

She told me it was all too sudden for her and too unreal for her to even begin to imagine; she never expected him to ask for her hand in marriage directly, so she said no out of impulse. And this was my first therapy session, I spoke to her for an hour on how life is short, and sometimes the best things don’t take time. After an hour of counseling, she agreed to go out with him, she rejected the marriage proposal, but she agreed to see how the man was. So a relationship came to life.

2nd March to 4th December 2010 – Love grew stronger

Out of all the couples in our college, these two were the cutest together. They used to study together, he used to wait for her car to come to pick her up every day, the surprises they planned for each other were just insane, and I was always the guy to arrange them because I was friends with both of them.

I didn’t mind at all, because I just loved the way those two loved each other. I was genuinely happy for my friends and was willing to do anything to make it stronger. His birthday was on the 4th of December, and it was a grand event, and I mean it. This was when I wanted to be in love when I wanted something like this for myself because it was all so surreal and beautiful.

14th February 2012 – A second try at marriage

Seeing how many friends were always going over the top, it was no surprise to me when he told me he was going to propose to her again on Valentine’s Day. And this time I thought it would work out, because it wasn’t sudden anymore and those two madly loved each other, blindly loved each other with everything they had.

The entire class knew that he was going to propose, and everyone was willing to be in on it. He was so excited. He did it in the lobby, again, for the second time. All of us surrounded those two in a circle, even our professors. She started tearing up, he had tears in his eyes too, and she finally said yes! That was one of the happiest things I had ever experienced or witnessed, to get what you want after a lot of struggle and downfall.

2nd April 2012 – The rejection

Her family wasn’t too happy with my friend; they wanted someone from a better background than him. So they straight up rejected him and strongly opposed the marriage. What followed was a long duration of depression and tears for both of them.

She could have gotten married regardless of her family’s approval, but my friend wanted her to be completely happy on her wedding day, so he didn’t want that; he wanted to convince the parents and have a proper wedding. I told him it wouldn’t be easy, but he wasn’t going to give up on her, ever. So day after day, he tried talking to her dad and tried bringing him on his side, he tried everything he could to convince him but to no avail.

We all tried our best to talk to her parents, even one of the teachers went to them and vouched for my friend, but he still wouldn’t budge, he had a temper, but my friend has his goals, and he was ready to take anything that came his way.

6th September 2012 – Part of the family

After six months of convincing and not giving up, her mom and dad finally accepted him; they said that if he loved their daughter so much, so much that he took an infinite amount of disrespect from both of them, after so many harsh words said, even after the treats, if he still loved her the same we don’t think anyone can take that much from anyone’s parents and we think our daughter is going to be very happy with him. So they finally accepted him, which ended a long depression phase for both of my friends, and they decided on a date to get married on.

8th September 2012 – The wedding plans

My friend I and I spent the entire day together looking at houses because he wanted to surprise her with a new house. We were going through the wedding plans, the food, the tables, the decorations, the flowers, В there were infinite things to decide, and it was all too exciting for both of us. He was feeling out of this world; I was just glad to see him so happy.

20th September 2012 – Life has a different plan

I will never forget this date. My friend and his now fiance were coming back home from dinner; he was dropping her back home. They got into an accident, with a driver who people say was drunk. It was a hit and run, he crashed on to the passenger side, backed away and drove off. My friend and his fiance suffered a lot of injuries.

My friend was okay, but his fiance hit her head on her window due to the impact and suffered a massive head injury. We were at the hospital all night; she was in the intensive care unit. She didn’t survive. And that’s the day my friend lost his soul, he died that day too, but he still breathes to this day.

1st February 2015 – Eternal Love

My friend is still the same; he still remembers the crash like it just happened; he has seen countless psychiatrists but to no avail. The depression never left him; it’s been three years; he still has the house he bought for the two of them and lives there alone.

I spend as much time with him as I can, we go to the graveyard together to put flowers on her grave every week, and he cries the same way, the same way he cried three years ago. For him, he gave all he had to that one girl, and he can never imagine doing the same or even remotely similar for anyone else.

He calls it “eternal love,” he says he still feels her presence, he still feels like he’s being loved, that she’s watching him from above and he will meet her someday. His only hope in life is that he will meet her again one day. He had something to say to all of you, as I end this article, here he is:

We plan, we plan every day, but life has its own plans for us, for each and every one of us. Sometimes, life works in our favor, sometimes it doesn’t, you can never be sure of anything.

Nothing in life is stable, nothing is supposed to remain forever, life is short and it’s a blessing for those who can experience true happiness while that short period of time. I’m happy today because no matter what happened, the days I spent with that beautiful woman were the most amazing days of my life, and those days will always live with me, will always live inside of me.

I believe in life after death, I know I’m going to see her again, and that’s what makes me keep going ahead in life, that’s the only way I can actually work hard for a living and am not some drunk who gave up on life.

Some of you might say that I need to give love another chance, but the truth is, I have none left in me, I gave it all to that one woman and I have no more to give. So to all of you, never give up hope, life will be hard, all you have to do is to remember to smile and live through it with all that you have.

Writing this article wasn’t easy, but he wanted me to write it, he wanted me to let you guys know that life is hard, but you need to never give up on hope. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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