Some really Absurd Facts about a Successful Marriage

Marriage is still undoubtedly one of the most baffling things to most people, including me. We have all seen a lot of couples that have made it work out for decades but still it is hard to explain it to someone as to how do people stick with one other for that long and how do they make it work out?В 

If you ask people to tell you what are the ˜secrets’ behind a successful marriage, you’re most probably going to get answers like, loving each other, caring about each other, being nice, great sex life, helping each other and the list goes on. But the thing is that all these answers point to the same direction which is, ˜don’t be a jerk to your partner’. Now obviously that’s just common sense, if you are nice to someone and respect them, they won’t hate you or leave you.

But we’re not here for that, a successful marriage is definitely more than just ˜being nice’ to each other. And we’re here to tell you exactly those facts that can reveal the secrets behind the success of a marriage. However, these facts aren’t the usual ones, these are the more absurd ones found by a research, that’ll leave you startled.

В 1. Price tag of your Wedding

The first one is, price tag of your wedding. Hugo M. Milano and Andrew M. Francis are the two university lecturers who did a research and concluded that spending too much on your wedding, even if your wedding planners insist on that, is a bad idea. They found a relation between spending big amounts that are more than $20K and lesser ones that are between $5K and $10K, suggesting that the probability of divorce goes up by more than 3 times in the twenty thousand dollars scenario.

В 2. Price tag of your wedding ring

The second is, price tag of your wedding ring. The same lecturers also found that spending big on the engagement ring makes your chances of separation in the future ˜big’ as well. The price of the ring can range between 5 hundred to 2 thousand dollars but if it goes above that, the chances of separation go above too.

But wait a second, they found one more thing here as well; spending too less can also make your chances of separation increase exponentially. Now you don’t want to be spending less than 5 hundred dollars either, so remember to be sensible here while buying the ring. Everything in moderation is the key.

В 3. Blue States

Third weird fact, Blue states are good for your marriage. Yes we’re not kidding, according to a report by the National Statistics; couples in red states have a higher chance of getting a divorce than those living in the blue ones.

В 4. Which Area has more chances of a successful Marriage?

Fourth fact, if you want to have a successful marriage but you live in Wayne County, Indiana, you should get out of there right away! The Daily Beast did a research and found that this was the county with the most divorces in all of America. Their numbers were shocking with more than 19 percent of their people could not make their marriages work out.

В 5. The question of babies

The fifth fact, quite a sexist one, a couple will have a lesser chance of a divorce if they have a son as compared to those that have a daughter. This was reported by a research done by the Review of Economic Studies back in ’05.

В 6. The Geography

The sixth fact, geography matters. The United Nation’s Demographics and Social Statistics Division found that most marriages in Belgium have a not so good future as more than 70 percent of their marriages end in a divorce.

The second worst after Belgians are, yes you guessed it right, the Americans. More than 50 percent of their marriages end in court.

В 7. Twins

Seventh fact is about twins. It isn’t a very good news for all those couples having twins as having those increases chance of your marriage ending. It surprisingly increases by 17 percent. The Daily Beast suggested that this fact is maybe because more babies mean more money required and more pressure. No matter how it sounds but this fact actually is a valid one as money in fact is the biggest reason behind divorces.

В 8. Defining a Successful Marriage

The last of these weird facts comes from an infamous sex and relationship advice writer, saying that we should change what ˜successful marriage’ means sometimes. It is wrong to say that a marriage was a successful one if it lasted for a person’s whole life. Because saying this, throws other facts like, was the couple even happy with each other this whole time, was it abusive and etc. out the window. The marriage that couldn’t make it till the end, can still be called a successful one, given that the two partners learned from each other and respect each other.

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