When "A" was sharing his story on life, I thought it was pretty brave of him because it takes a lot of strength to be this open with millions of people. But we call you guys our family, so I decided to share my story too. I don’t usually write articles here but this is sort of an autobiography and I wanted to let a lot off my chest and I don’t think I want to share this with anyone but you amazing people who love our work so much. Let me introduce myself, I’m the co-founder of Relationship Rules, my name starts with the letter "Z" so you guys can just call me that and I’m 26 years old. I’m the guy who thought of the idea of this page and told "A" about it and here we are today. I’m responsible for a majority of "rules" on the page as long as having a huge IT business with "A" who’s also the co-founder of Relationship Rules.

How It All Began

My life started off with a very poor family, I have five siblings and we all lived in a one-room apartment with our parents. I was always intrigued by computers and websites and wanted to be something big in the IT industry. I wanted people to get influenced by my work and I wasn’t the type of person to be turned on by someone’s degree of education even if they’re jerks in real life, so I wanted to run a business of my own. We didn’t have a lot of money so my dad promised me a "Pentium 1" computer if I got good grades in tenth grade, I studied very hard that year and finally got that slow as a snail computer to start exploring the possibilities of making my own website. I was able to make a small business model which was generating around $300 per month which was hardly enough for me and my family but my mother was still proud of me, so I told her I want to do something in the IT industry because I see a lot of potential here and this is the future. My mom and dad both supported me with all of their heart (after months of scolding). This is when I found my first best friend, we’ll call him "F", and this is when I had my first "Trust Experience".

Friends Turn Into Foes

So I was doing pretty okay in this small business when I met this guy "F". He started following my methods and wanted to partner up with me and increase my business. So we became partners and slowly became best friends, we used to hang out all the time and talk about girls and life. It was amazing. This was the first time I started trusting someone and opened up completely to that person. In a few months, our business bloomed, we went from $300 per month to $2000 per month and it was amazing. After a while, I started noticing that my best friend started ignoring me and he kept talking about how I know nothing about the business and he’s the one doing all the work. After a few days of getting the cold shoulder from him, I get to know that he took over our business and made it under his own name and just kicked me out without even remotely talking about it. When I confronted him about it, he just told me to buzz off. This was the first time I actually felt the element of "betrayal" and my trust was completely broken. I was about 20 when this happened, it’s a very weak age to get betrayed by someone who you think will stay with you forever. That was the time when I lost faith in friendships and started another business on my own.

My First Love

Right about the time I lost my own business and my best friend, I tried starting another business on my own but all of my contacts and resources were used by my ex best friend so I went on to find a job for myself until I can establish myself again. I got a job, the office was located at the other end of the city. I had to take two buses just to get to the place. It was a small position of a webdeveloper and they paid me $50 per month. Right about that time, I got interested in a girl who lived right across the street from me, let’s call her "Q". We used to talk every now and then but it was all small talk. I wanted to ask her out with everything I had but I thought I’d get rejected. In a few months, we became good friends and I finally told her how I felt (trust me guys, it’s easier with friends). She said yes and that was the beginning of my first relationship. I was madly head over heels for her. She was very sweet and beautiful. I used to do everything for her. She used to text me in the middle of the night that she wants some pizza, I used to take my dad’s car and delivered pizza to her. I used to do anything I could for her. It went on very beautifully for the first four months, we used to talk on the phone for hours everyday and I felt complete.

A Heart, Shattered

After a few months, I started noticing that she was ignoring. She was constantly on the phone but I wasn’t the one she was talking to. Our families became good friends and they knew we were going to get married soon. I tried asking her what’s wrong but she used to tell me I’m spying on her and I’m blaming her for cheating and a lot of other things and I used to be the one apologising later. One day, I thought of surprising her because I thought I was lacking in the romance department and she needed some chivalry in her life. So I bought a huge bouquet of lillies (her favorite flower) and a basket of chocolates and I went to her place. The door was open so I let myself in. I went to her room and saw her sitting with another guy, they weren’t actually doing anything they were just holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. They were so lost in each other that she didn’t even notice me standing at the door, so I left the flowers and chocolates at the door and saw myself out. I think she saw those things later and started calling me up, I picked up and said it’s over and you can go do whatever you want with that other guy.I’m a God fearing man and I do not believe in keeping grudges, so I left it to God to show her the outcome of her ways. I wished her good luck and I ended things.This was my first heartbreak, the first time I understood how devastating it is to get cheated on. You feel like your life is meaningless, you don’t want to eat, you don’t want to drink, you don’t want to talk to anyone. So I kept to myself for over a month. My mother was very concerned about me and I also left my $50 per month job so I decided to get back on my feet and do something with my life. So I started a new business, I started online marketing. This is the part when things start to get better.

A True Friend

So I started off this small internet marketing business but I was in need of some good skilled writers. That’s when I met "A" for the first time. A med-school student, who was notorious in his college for being the only student who designed a website for the college and was a very well-known blogger for the college blog. So I approached him through one of his friends and we had our first meetin (hangout). I loved the guy, he was funny, witty, and he seemed like someone who’s going through a lot in life. After a few hangouts, he finally opened up to me about the situation of his ex girlfriend and his family troubles. If you don’t know A’s story, do read itВ here. I was amazed by how strong he still was, he always used to smile and joke around even though his family was being torn into pieces and the love of his life had recently cheated on him. So I made him a partner in my marketing business. We really hit it off, we never fought about money, we always put friendship before business and it was amazing. This is when my faith in friendship and humanity got restored because he was someone who genuinely cared about me even though I had nothing to offer him but a small-time business. Things started going up after that, we got approached by a lot of multinationals and we were actually able to hire more people to work for us. Two years ago, we made this page together with the hopes of helping people out with our own experiences and we were insanely shocked when our page went viral on Facebook. Do I ever get love back in my life? Keep reading.

The Love Of My Life

After a few months of me and A working together and being really successful at what we do, I got a friend request from a girl on Facebook. She was from my old school and she wanted to know how I was doing, I was the introvert type back then so I didn’t really remember anyone from school. After a long chat where she reminded me of who she was, we really hit it off. We’ll call her "F". F and I became really close friends and one day she told me she’s been in love with me since school and was always scared of telling me. I had my heart broken so badly that I didn’t want to get into a relationship with anyone, I made sure that I never gave a girl my trust after what happened to me and my efforts. After a long talk with "A" (he’s really good at counseling), I finally understood that I needed to let go of my past and move on if I wanted to be happy again. So I accepted her and asked her not to break my heart. I told her my entire life story and she loved me even more after that. Four years later, we are still together, we love each other with everything we have. She’s very supportive and loving, I recently bought her an iPhone 6 and she made me return it because she was happy with her old iPhone and didn’t want me to spend that much on her. I could never imagine my life without her. The girl who cheated on me had her parents call me and they asked me to marry her, I just told them to find someone else because I’m perfectly happy with who I am and I wouldn’t leave her for the world.

My Life Today

My life today is nothing short of superb. "A" is my only one best friend and we run a huge business together, I’m madly in love with my girlfriend and she lives with me, my family has never been more happy and proud of my life and my business. Life just seems to be getting better by the day. I just want you guys to know, no matter how dark or tormented your life may seem today, please do not give up. Keep going on, keep moving forward and one day you will look back and laugh at it all. Now for my lessons I want to share with you guys, keep reading.

Lesson One: Always Believe In Yourself

No matter what the world tells you, no matter how hard your life seems to be, NEVER stop believing in yourself. You have the power to conquer it all, you have the strength to overcome any obstacle life sends your way. Don’t listen to the naysayers and just do whatever you want to do.

Lesson Two: People Come And Go

Don’t lose hope over the people who treat you like trash, no matter how much you cared about them. People come and go and sometimes we just give too much importance to the people who hardly deserve it. Only cherish those who cherish you.

Lesson Three: Let Karma Decide

No matter how bad someone treats you, do not hold a grudge against them. You don’t need that much negativity in your system. Fate has its own way of deciding things and karma is very real. Let God help you out and don’t hate anyone.

Lesson Four: Never Let Success Change You

No matter how successful you get in life, do not let it change you. Don’t let fame and success get to your head, be as humble as you can if you want to move forward in life.

Lesson Five: Help Others

If you see potential in someone, help them out. You’re only a vessel of help and support, help others out and life will return it ten fold.

Lesson Six: Accept Each Other’s Differences

If your life partner seems to be a little different from you, accept it whole heartedly. Don’t make anyone sad because they’re not like you, embrace the difference and let them keep their individuality, it’s what makes us beautiful people.

Lesson Seven: True Friends

True friends are very hard to come by, cherish those people who take care of you and support you in your difficult times and you’ll never find yourself lonely.


As I end my life’s story, I would just like to thank you guys for reading and I hope you guys liked it. We created this page for you guys, a lot of you are in happy relationships and a lot of you are going through really tough times. Just keep the faith up high and never lose hope. There’s always something beautiful waiting for us when we come out of our tests of life. Stay strong and stay blessed. Z.

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