Amazon Worker Strolls Through Active Police Standoff to Deliver Package, Hands it to SWAT Officer

When you’re serious about your work!

An Amazon delivery driver went viral for delivering a parcel during an active police standoff in North Carolina.

The worker casually walked towards an apartment complex that was surrounded by police vehicles. When he couldn’t get to the doorstep, he handed the parcel to the cops and then made sure to click the picture of the whole situation.

According to Daily Mail, “The incident was a more than 20-hour standoff, during which police were ultimately able to get the 11-year-old boy out of the apartment complex.”

The police did not enter the house before the man took his life.

“The negotiators did a remarkable job securing his release, then did another remarkable job trying to work on this individual. I have no words to express the problem that we face with mental illness in this country,” said Cary Police Chief Terry Sult.

The video of him doing his job properly regardless of the situation was recorded by a woman who later shared it on TikTok.

“Look he’s taking a picture!” she said as the worker clicked the picture and then used his phone – presumably to confirm the package delivery.

“It made it there! When you serious about your work. Go Amazon! Bro!” the woman added.

“Go #amazon,” the video was captioned.

The viral video amassed over 6.5 million views on TikTok with more than 1 million likes and 33,000 comments.

The comment section was flooded with words of appreciation for the employee who tried to finish his task no matter how bad the situation was.

“Someone going for Employee of the Month,” one wrote.

“and he’s marking it delivered as he walks away,” a second said.

“Bro has the lowest blood pressure!!” a third joked.

“They paid for two day delivery and they got two day delivery,” another chimed in.

“I want to see that delivery confirmation photo!” someone exclaimed.

“It’s sad because they literally make you put your life on the line to make that delivery or he’s fired,” someone said on a serious note.

“Someone got a notification saying “your package was left with an officer of the law,” another commented.

“not all heroes wear badges,” said another.

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