“An Absolute Gold Digger!” – Mickey Rourke Slams Amber Heard

Mickey Rourke called Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard a “gold-digger.”

‘Well, you know, I know Johnny for many years, but I don’t really know him personally,’ actor Mickey, 69, remarked during a candid interview with Piers Morgan, 57, for Talk TV.

“All I could say is that I once was accused of something I did not do. It lost me several years of film work and damaged my reputation. And then, the truth came out, but it came out after I lost movies and jobs, so I felt awful for someone trying to be cut down by some gold seeker, you know?”

Johnny won his libel action against Amber in June, declaring that he now had “his life back” after a jury found him defamed and granted him $15 million. After less than three days of deliberation, the jury voted in favor of all three of Depp’s defamation allegations against Heard, concluding that she had falsely accused him of domestic problems. The actor received a total of $15 million in compensation and punitive penalties.

Meanwhile, Heard won just one of her three countersuit claims, which were based on comments made by Depp’s counsel that she and her companions had wrecked their flat before contacting the cops. She was granted $2 million in compensatory damages out of the $100 million she sought in her countersuit against her ex-husband, but no punitive penalties were imposed. 

However, in November, an English High Court judge labeled Depp a monster for battering Amber Heard 12 times, as the Hollywood actor lost his dramatic £5 million libel case. The court found Depp guilty of assaulting his ex-wife in his decision. Heard said that the Pirates of the Caribbean star became a monster after binging on substances.

Depp branded the judgment “illogical” and “baffling,” vowing to challenge it following his high-stakes battle with his ex-wife Heard and The Sun tabloid. After a highly publicized 16-day trial, Mr. Justice Nicol of London’s High Court said that he recognized the actor’s guilt of hitting Heard 12 of the 14 times she alleged.

Jubilant Heard’s attorneys claimed they were ‘not shocked’ by her surprising triumph, in which the court determined the star had battered her while he was high on cocaine, pills, and alcohol. However, Depp’s attorneys criticized the judge, calling the decision 

“as twisted as it is perplexing.”

In May 2016, while Johnny was being interviewed by TMZ in Beverly Hills, Mickey stood up for him, stating.

‘He doesn’t strike me as a particularly aggressive man.’

They collaborated on the 2003 film Once Upon A Time in Mexico.

“He’s a really low-key guy; he’s always been a gentleman and not aggressive.”

When asked what he thought about Heard, Mickey was cautious.

“I have no idea; I’m not familiar with her. I know nothing about her.”

He then returned to Johnny. 

“I believe he’s a genuinely wonderful guy; he’s always been subtle, a gentleman,” the former boxer remarked.

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