Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Have a Very Unique Philosophy When It Comes to Bathing Their Children

For many parents, the process of bathing their children is a daily ritual. Some parents even bathe their kids as many as twice or thrice a day, depending on where you live.

That’s why it may come as a shock to many people to discover that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a very different approach when it comes to bathing their children.

That’s because the That 70s Show co-stars only bathe their kids whenever they start looking dirty. And as it turns out, many experts agree.

An Unorthodox Strategy

It’s no secret that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are two of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood. Ever since the two landed starring roles in the hit 2000s sitcom That 70s Show, they have constantly been making headlines with their various movie and TV projects.

The couple recently guested on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert and started talking about the issue of children. Shepard is also famously married to American sweetheart Kristen Bell.

The two of them, like Mila and Ashton, also have kids. And as they got into talking about parenting, both Mila and Ashton admitted that they don’t bathe their kids as often as other parents do.

“If you can see the dirt on them, clean them, Kutcher said. “Otherwise, there’s no point.”

A lot of this stemmed from Kunis’s experiences in her own childhood. For Kunis, bathing was almost a privilege because her family didn’t exactly have access to hot water.

So, they only bathed whenever they felt like it was necessary. She carried this habit on with her into her adult life, and it seems like she’s implementing the same system at home as well.

The Internet Reacts

As it is with any kind of issue, the internet was bound to have a few reactions to the couples’ revelation. This one particular tweet features a visibly uncomfortable Edward Cullen with his hand covering his nose:

Another tweet featured a Spongebob Squarepants character crying from a cartoonish odor while maneuvering a car.

What Does Science Say?

While many people are making fun of the couple for their choices, it turns out that there’s not much wrong with what they’re doing. In fact, many experts are saying that the Kutcher clan is actually doing things right.

That’s because kids don’t develop body odor as much as adults do. And unnecessarily exposing kids to soaps and shampoos could increase their risk for skin sensitivity and eczema.

Typically, as adults, we take daily showers because of smell and body odor, but small kids don’t have that smell and body odor,” explained one doctor.

Share Your Thoughts

There you have it. While some people may laugh, it seems like there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. What do you think about this parenting technique?

  1. I think they are crazy Liberals and should bathe their kids every day. Teach them good hygiene When kids play outside they tend to smell like dogs. Bathe them. Let them bathe themselves.

    1. Ummm I’m a liberal and my kids and myself and have excellent hygiene. Everyone in my family bathes daily. You’re an idiot for bringing politics into this!

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