Being On Your Own Is Better Than Being In An Almost Relationship

You should know that it’s much better that you don’t have anyone to text. You might be stuck staring at your phone, browsing through your contact list, just craving to have a conversation with someone. However, this scenario is a lot better than you sending someone a long text message wherein you just poured your heart out. Then, you have to wait hours on end for them to reply. Sometimes, they don’t even reply at all.

It would be a much better situation for you to be staying at home on a Friday night. Munch on some of your favorite snacks and watch your favorite movies on Netflix on your own. This is a much better alternative to you, making all of the effort to get all dolled up. You dress in your best clothes, and you spend an hour on your hair and makeup. But then, as you reach the restaurant, he texts you to tell you that he’s not going to make it after all because he’s going out with the boys.

It would be much better for you to make plans with your closest friends on the weekend. Talk about the shops that you want to visit or the restaurants that you want to be eating. Discuss the wine that you wish to be drinking together. This is much better than you not wanting to make any plans because you’re still holding out, waiting for him to ask you out. But then, the weekend rolls around, and he doesn’t even give you a single peep.

Sometimes, It’s Just Not Worth It

You should embrace the freedom of being able to go around and date whoever you want. You get to flirt with all the boys that you’re interested in. Of course, none of these might lead to anything serious. However, at least you still get the chance to play the field and see what’s out there. This is much better than you just waiting around and staying loyal to a guy who doesn’t seem to be interested in committing to you at all.

At night, you should be getting as much sleep as you want. After you do your nighttime skincare routine, you should go straight to bed and sleep. Drift away into dreamland. After all, this is much better than you staying up late at night just thinking and fantasizing about all the things that your relationship could be. Also, it’s A LOT better than staying up and waiting for that good night text message that’s just never going to come. It would be best for you to give up those dreams and expectations altogether.

It’s a lot better for you to think about the “boring” stuff like school, work, finances, health, and whatnot. At least, these are thoughts that can help make you a better person overall. This is a much better alternative to you fantasizing and daydreaming about a relationship that is just never going to materialize. You don’t want to be spending all day thinking about a man who doesn’t care about you. Instead, think of the many things and people that have the potential to add value to your life.

Learn to Love Yourself More

If you have sexual urges, there are always various ways by which you can satisfy them. You can try to do it yourself. Also, you can go out and flirt at the bar and try your luck with someone you’re only meeting for the first time. This is a lot better than you just trying to sell your body towards someone who has on respect for you. Of course, this is a person who doesn’t care much about your dignity.

It’s a lot better for you to be focused on the relationships in your life that are of actual value. Surely, you have friends and family who care deeply about you. There are bound to be a bunch of people in your life who are invested in your happiness and well-being. Naturally, you should divert most of your love, care, and attention towards them instead of a guy who so obviously wants nothing to do with you. Rather than leaving space in your heart for this man, try letting other people fill those spaces instead.

Stay Patient

Sure, you want to be in love. Naturally, you want to be with someone who loves you in return. So, you have to stay patient. There’s no point in forcing the issue with someone who is so unclear about what he wants with you. Sometimes, you have to stand up for yourself and defend your dignity. Love should always be mutual in a relationship. And when it isn’t, it’s time to move on.

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