Beyoncé Breaks Record For Most Grammy Wins in History

Queen Bey, Forever!!!

By winning her 32nd Grammy Award, Beyoncé has officially become the most-awarded artist in history.

The Crazy in love superstar won four awards in the Annual Grammy Award Ceremony that took place on Sunday in Los Angeles.

“The singer, who was a late arrival at the ceremony after being stuck in traffic, won for best R&B song, best dance/electronic recording, best dance/electronic album, and best traditional R&B performance. She has now won 32 Grammy awards,” The Guardian reported.

By doing so, she has also broken the record of George Solti, a Hungarian-British orchestral and operatic conductor who won 31 Grammy awards and held the record of winning most Grammys for almost 20 years.

“He was awarded his final Grammy in 1997, the same year he died,” per Fox News.

The record-breaking Grammy was presented to the queen by James Corden.

“Okay, wow! Corden said during his announcement.

“We are witnessing history tonight,” he added as the crowd started cheering, knowing he was going to take Beyoncé’s name.

“Breaking the record for the most Grammy wins of all time, we are standing and showing respect,” he said as the Queen stood up from her seat. “It’s Renaissance, Beyoncé.”

The singer took the stage as the audience gave a standing ovation.

“I’m trying not to be too emotional,” she said during her speech. “I’m trying to just receive this night.”

The 41-year-old went on to thank her family, especially her “beautiful husband” and her late Uncle Johnny who supported her when she was not a big star and even helped her in making stage outfits.

“I want to thank God for protecting me. … I’d like to thank my uncle Johnny, who’s not here, but he’s here in spirit.”

She thanked her parents, husband Jay-Z, and three children before paying tribute to the queer community for their love.

“I’d like to thank the queer community for your love and for inventing this genre,” she said.

After her speech, Trevor Noah called her the “GOAT” for dethroning Tom Brady and LeBron James.

“So we can finally end the GOAT debate,” said Noah. “It’s done now. It’s Beyoncé. It’s not LeBron, not Jordan, not Tom Brady, it’s not Messi, it’s Beyoncé. It’s officially done.”

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