I’ve Seen Busy People Make Time

I’ve seen busy people make time. I’ve seen bad communicators communicate well. I’ve seen bad texters respond quickly and write paragraphs. I’ve seen people who “aren’t ready for a relationship” get ready in two conversations. If someone wants you, you won’t have to ask for effort. Unknown Author

Find Someone Who Loves You

Find someone who loves you. Find someone who hugs you when you’re jealous. Find someone who patiently keeps silent when you’re mad. Find someone who plans their future with you. Unknown Author

Before You Marry Someone, Wait

Before you marry someone, wait. Wait until you see them when they’re angry. Are they abusive? Are they quiet? How do they deal with anger? Because your children can’t choose who gets to be their parents, but you can. Do it for them.

Understand This You Can Sound Confident And Have Anxiety

Understand this. You can sound confident and have anxiety. You can look healthy but feel like shit. You can look happy and be miserable inside. You can be good looking and feel ugly. So be kind, because every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about Unknown Author