Sexual intimacy is a really big deal in any kind of relationship. And so it’s perfectly understandable that some women might find the whole thing a little uncomfortable – especially when the relationship is still fresh and new.

Now why exactly are some women uncomfortable when it comes to sexual intimacy with men they’re supposedly in love with? Well, the answer isn’t always going to be so easy to come to. We have to remember that all human beings are inherently complex creatures.

So, it would be downright foolish and arrogant to just give a general answer that would apply to all women in the world. But we can still do our best in trying to come up with as simple an answer as possible. This is for all of you guys out there who just don’t understand women all too well – and who just want to understand your girls better.

You never want to feel like you’re lost in your own relationship. You don’t want to be completely indifferent and oblivious to your girl’s feelings.

To start with, it’s important that you know that woman are still sexual creatures. Just because she gets uncomfortable with sexual intimacy doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like to have sex at all. All human beings are sexual creatures. Sex is a perfectly normal, organic, and natural aspect of human existence.

Sex isn’t going to be unnatural to anyone at all. It’s just that sex must always be performed in certain conditions for some people to feel comfortable with it.

We have to constantly keep in mind the whole point of sex and physical intimacy in a relationship as well. When we get into a relationship with someone, we form a kind of palpable connection with that person. And when that connection is formed, we do our best to preserve and build on it throughout the duration of the relationship.

And part of increasing the intimacy in the relationship is engaging in physical acts of affection – sometimes that can mean sex. But what does it mean if your girl is still uncomfortable with getting sexually intimate with you? Does that mean that she doesn’t want to get closer to you? Does that mean that she’s not invested in your relationship? Does that mean that she’s not in love with you?

These are all perfectly valid questions. And to shed more light on the issue, here are 3 very common reasons as to why a woman might be uncomfortable with sexual intimacy.

1. She might think that there’s something wrong with her.

A girl’s insecurities can often get in the way of her doing a variety of things – sex included. There’s just something inherently vulnerable with the act of having sex. And if she feels like she can’t be good enough for you, it’s likely that she will not be to keen on being sexually intimate with you at all.

2. She is preoccupied with other things in life that are just keeping her from getting sexually stimulated.

It can be very hard to get sexually aroused or intimate whenever other things in life are just bogging you down. Perhaps she’s dealing with some issues at work or with her family – and these are taking a heavy toll on her emotions.

3. She has had to endure sexual abuse in the past.

Most of the time, when a girl has had to endure sexual abuse in the past, it scars her for life. You can’t really blame a girl for having issues when it comes to approaching sexual intimacy if she’s been emotionally scarred by experiences in her past. In this case, you have to be as patient and as understanding as possible with her. If she’s willing, take her to see professional help to aid her in getting over her issues about sex.

Final Thoughts

Now those are only a few of the many possible reasons as to why a woman might be uncomfortable with sexual intimacy. There are so many different and unique women all over the world. And they could possibly identify with these issues or not. But in any case, the point of this article was to provide you with a more profound and expansive perspective on the issue as a whole.

The most important thing that you can do when you find that there are sexual issues in your relationship is to talk to one another. You must always do your part in being honest with one another in your relationship. You both have to do your part in trying to understand each other better. Lay down your expectations and always be willing to compromise. Hear each other out and meet each other halfway.

At the end of the day, your love and your willingness to stay together should always be enough to pull you through. Sexual intimacy is an important aspect of any relationship, but it isn’t THE only thing that makes up the relationship as a whole. You always have to learn how to keep things in perspective.