Experts Reveal the 9 Signs that He’s Cheating On You

3. He accuses you of cheating a lot.

This is the subtle art of deflection. He is very guilty of the fact that he’s cheating on you. And he’s trying to project those feelings of guilt off you. But it’s not working because you know that your conscience is clear as day.

4. He never leaves you alone with his phone.

He doesn’t want you to find any incriminating evidence that might be on there. That’s where he initiates all of his mischief and misconduct. And he doesn’t want you to be snooping around there.

5. He brings up a new move in the bedroom, and he’s automatically good at it.

You and your partner have probably had sex a lot in your relationship. So, it’s likely that you’re familiar with all of his moves. Naturally, when he tries something new, he wouldn’t be so good at it because of a lack of proficiency. That’s why it’s bizarre if he works something new and he’s automatically really skilled at it. Perhaps, he has been practicing with someone else.

6. He develops a disinterest in your sex life.

Men are just inherently sexual creatures. The one thing that separates romantic partners from platonic ones is sexual intimacy. And if he’s becoming disinterested in you sexually, it’s probably because he’s getting his sexual fulfillment elsewhere.