Experts Reveal the 9 Signs that He’s Cheating On You

7. He has weird changes in his routine and schedule.

He has some peculiar changes in his schedule. You begin to notice that he’s working late so often. Also, he might be taking a lot of weekend trips out of town even though he never used to do that. He might be using this time away to cheat on you with someone else. And he’s trying to cover his tracks.

8. He becomes irritable around you.

Whenever the two of you spend time together, it’s as if your presence inconveniences him. He seems very irritable, and it is’ as if you aren’t deserving of spending any time with him at all. He’s just in a generally bad mood whenever the two of you are together.

9. He acts very secretively about his finances.

Of course, he doesn’t want you to know about where his money has been going. He has probably been paying for dates and hookups at random hotels. He doesn’t want you to get a hold of his receipts. Also, he may be showering his side-chick with a lot of gifts as well.

By Relationship Rules

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