12 Signs You’re Falling In Love With Him (And He Doesn’t Feel The Same Way)

1. You put a lot more effort into the relationship but he isn’t doing the same.

You are really interested in taking your relationship up a peg. You want to be able to take your relationship to the next level. However, you know that you need him to be doing the same; and he just isn’t delivering for your relationship on that front.

2. It’s always you who texts first in the relationship.

You want to be in constant communication with him and you want to be utilizing all platforms available. So, naturally, as a woman living in the modern age, you decide to text him. However, you’re the one who is always messaging first and that’s a sign that he’s just not that into it.

3. You try so hard to get his attention but you don’t do so good at it.

You are desperately trying to keep his attention. You try your best to make yourself as interesting as possible so that he will always enjoy spending time with you. However, you always notice that he seems distracted and bored whenever he’s with you.

4. You read so much into everything that he does even when he’s only taking you at face value.

You really want to pay attention to the details when it comes to him. You really want to soak in everything that he gives you. You are always so perceptive with him; but he doesn’t seem to take notice of you. He only sees the parts of you that he wants to see.

5. You want to open up to him about your feelings but he doesn’t listen.

You find yourself wanting to reveal your innermost feelings to him; and yet, it’s as if he is unwilling to lend you an ear. It’s almost as if he’s completely disinterested in whatever it is you’re feeling; in whatever it is you might want to be expressing to him.

6. You remember all of the little things about the relationship but he seems to have short-term memory loss.

He doesn’t keep track of important dates or details. He doesn’t remember the promises that he makes to you. He doesn’t remember all of the commitments that he has. And it’s a completely different story for you. You are ALWAYS keeping track and staying on top of everything.

7. You always make plans for the relationship but he always seems to cancel on you.

You try your best to bond with him and so you come up with plans for the both of you to spend time with one another. And yet, he’s always blowing you off. He doesn’t care much about the effort that you’re putting into your relationship. He’s so willing to just let all of that hard work go to waste.

8. You would want to go on real dates but he only ever just wants to have sex with you.

He is really nice to you whenever he knows that you’re about to have sex with him. He finds it really fun when it’s time to seduce you and get you into the bedroom. But when it comes to having real dates and establishing real emotional connections, you can bet that he isn’t exactly going to be so into it.

9. You delete all of your dating apps, but he still keeps them on his phone.

You know that he’s the guy you want to commit yourself to. You know that he’s the man you really want to have a genuine relationship with. Unfortunately for you, he doesn’t feel the same. He’s still trying to keep his options open. He’s still open to the idea of exploring other romantic possibilities that don’t concern you.

10. You tell your friends and family about him but his side of the world doesn’t even know you exist.

You try your best to let him into your world and he also tries his best to shut you out of his. It’s as if you practically don’t exist to his family and friends even though you’ve already introduced him to your social circle.

11. You find yourself complaining a lot about what he does; but he doesn’t seem willing to adjust.

You nag to your friends about him because you just wish he would treat you better. You are in love with him and you’re desperate for him to change so that you can try to make things work. But he doesn’t seem willing to adjust on your behalf.

12. You want to spend all of your time with him but he seems to be too busy for you.

You move heaven and earth to spend time with him. You really adjust your schedule to make room for him in your life; but he doesn’t seem to be willing to do the same for you. It’s as if his time is far too precious to be spent on you; someone who doesn’t matter much to him at all.

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