How Do You Know When a Taurus is Done with You?

When a Taurus is Done with You

Do you feel like there’s something wrong between you and your Taurus partner?

Is it almost like things are coming to an end in your relationship?

How do you know when a Taurus is done with you?

More importantly, is there still anything that you can do to salvage the situation?

The Taurus is undoubtedly one of the most complicated signs out of all of astrology. There is just no denying that. They are great lovers, but they also make great enemies. They can be incredibly loyal, but it can be tough to win their trust, to begin with. Sure, they can be tough to deal with, but that doesn’t mean that they’re terrible human beings. If you play your cards right, you can have one of the most beautiful relationships of your life with a Taurus.

However, you also have to be careful. Just because you started on the right foot with a Taurus doesn’t mean that you are automatically destined for perpetual bliss with one another. That’s not how love and relationships work. You still have to make sure that you are doing your best to keep that relationship afloat even when things go awry.

Testing a Taurus’s Loyalty

Yes, a Taurus is probably going to be the most loyal Zodiac sign out there. You can probably bet that they’re never going to cheat on you. However, it can be straightforward to break a Taurus’s trust and make them feel betrayed. When that happens, then all bets are off. They aren’t going to want to be around a person that they can’t trust or rely on. This is often one of the biggest reasons as to why a Taurus might opt out of a relationship.

Regardless, just like everyone else, a Taurus is entitled to having second thoughts about a relationship. This means that you aren’t safe only because you’ve managed to secure their love before. Sometimes, these things can develop into very fluid situations. Again, they might have fallen in love with you in the past, but it’s not always guaranteed that things are going to stay that way in the future. You still need to continue to fight for their love.

But what if it gets to the point wherein they’re thinking about breaking up with you? What are you supposed to do then? Well, first off, you need to anticipate the breakup before it happens. You don’t want to wait for them to become fed up and be completely done with you before you act. By then, it will have been too late. It would be best if you always were proactive in the treatment of your relationship. Reading this article will help keep you on your toes. You will learn more about how you can stay on top of things in your relationship.

Signs that a Taurus is Done with the Relationship

1. They’re Showing Their Temper a Lot

Taurus already has a reputation for being a hothead. However, they can double down on this whenever they feel like they’re just done with the relationship. They will start to have more tantrums than usual, and you’re going to be on the receiving end of them.

2. They Won’t Be Intimate with You

Typically, a Taurus is a very passionate soul. That’s why you can tell that something is wrong whenever they refrain from being intimate with you. They will begin to act as if they don’t have those passionate and romantic feelings for you whatsoever. That’s a definite red flag that you need to pay attention to.

3. They Will Spend Time Away from the Relationship

Lastly, a Taurus is going to spend time away from a relationship whenever they become disinterested. Keep in mind that they are very loyal only to the things and people that matter most to them. Once loyalty is compromised, then they can lose focus almost instantly.


So, now that you know that there’s something wrong in your relationship, it’s time for you to act. Of course, you can’t do so recklessly. Keep in mind that your Taurus partner is compassionate and emotional. They can also get hotheaded, so be careful on that front as well. You must approach this issue with as much humility and sensitivity as you possibly can. This is important if you want to save your relationship.

Of course, don’t be afraid of fighting for your love. It’s the one thing in life that is always going to be worth fighting for.

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