If He Does These 15 Things Over Text, He Totally Wants You

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How many of these hints have you received?

1. He gives you compliments.

He’s always ready to tell you how pretty you looked today or that your smile is enough to light up a million skies. He’s not afraid of letting you know that you’re beautiful and that there are plenty of things about you that he finds attractive.

2. He sends you topless selfies.

A man would never send topless selfies to a girl he doesn’t really like. It’s just as simple as that. He’s letting you know that he’s really interested in you whenever he sends you a topless selfie.

3. He makes an effort to start conversations.

He doesn’t wait for you to text first because he wants you to know that he’s the one who’s very interested in you. He isn’t afraid of letting his intentions known to you and so he will do whatever it takes to grab your attention.

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4. He makes an effort to keep your conversations flowing.

Not only does he make an effort to initiate conversations, he will also try his absolute best to keep the conversations going for as long as possible. He loves talking to you and he adores the fact that you’re also taking the time to converse with him. Even when you feel like the conversation is dying, he’s going to try to pick things up and bring in new conversation topics. 

5. He makes inquiries into your weekend plans.

He always wants to be kept in the loop regarding your weekend plans because he hopes that they involve him. He also wants to make sure that no other man will swoop in and lower his chances of getting in a relationship with you.

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6. He makes an effort to be interested in you.

Whenever you are texting with each other, he’s never going to let the conversation linger around him for too long. He wants everything to be about you. He’s going to express a deep interest in you and will ask you a lot of questions about your own life.

7. He doesn’t hesitate when using emoticons.

It’s no secret that emoticons or emojis have changed the way we communicate with each other, and he won’t hesitate to use them whenever you text. He’s going to make use of a lot of emoticons that involve hearts, kisses, hugs, and smiles when talking to you.

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8. He doesn’t take forever to reply.

Texting can be such a chore to most men especially when it comes to texting people they don’t like. However, things are different with you. He will pause his video games just to be able to reply to you. He will find the time throughout the day at work just to be able to converse with you.

9. He sends you good morning messages.

He sends you good morning texts because he wants to be the person you first think of when you wake up. This is also an indication that you’re the first person on his mind the moment he wakes up every morning.

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10. He puts effort into his spelling and grammar.

He doesn’t want to make you feel like you’re just some another girl in his life with whom he texts. He actually puts effort into his spelling and grammar in the hopes of impressing you. He wants to make you feel like you’re actually worth that effort.

11. He opens himself up to you.

If he feels comfortable enough with you, he’s going to open up a lot about who he really is as a person. When a man is interested in you, he will willingly let himself become vulnerable in the hopes that you will also let your guard down when it comes to him.

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12. He makes jokes and tries to make you laugh.

Everyone loves the funny guy and he know this. He tries to tell you jokes on the off chance that you will be attracted to his kind of humor. He will want to keep things light and casual between you two so that you can establish a level of comfort with him.

13. He inserts some sexual innuendo into your conversations.

He’s attracted to you. There’s no secret to it. And that attraction includes a draw to physical intimacy. If he happens to insert the occasional sexual innuendo in your conversations, then there is a high chance that we wants to get intimate with you. Don’t give in too easily and let him work for you.

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14. He admits that he really likes you.

One sure way of knowing whether a guy likes you is when he admits it sincerely and genuinely. A girl will always be able to tell when a guy is being sincere. However, you should still keep yourself guarded and let his actions verify the authenticity of his words.

15. He texts you when he’s drunk.

Drunk texts are the heart’s way of telling the truth when the brain isn’t acting properly. If he’s texting you even when he’s drunk, then you should know that you’re a special person in his life.

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