If Your Girl Sends You These 50 Texts, Then Marry Her

41. “Forever’s not enough for me to love you.”

Forever is such a strong and abstract concept. However, that doesn’t mean that you should undermine what she’s saying here. She’s essentially telling you that the love she has for you isn’t bound by time. She’s never going to not be in love with you.

42. “I’m still laughing at that joke you told me.”

Humor is always a great thing to have in a romantic relationship. It helps build intimacy and camaraderie between two people. And if she’s still laughing at a joke that you told her a long time ago, then that’s always a good sign.

43. “I didn’t believe in soulmates until we got together.”

Soulmates. It’s when two people believe that they are put on earth to serve a specific purpose relative to the life of another person. It is her belief that the two of you are together because you have a specific purpose to serve one another.

44. “The life we have together is absolute perfection.”

Perfect is such an extreme word. But she has no hesitation in using it to describe the lives that you have together. Obviously, she doesn’t mean that you don’t go through your fair share of struggles. She just means that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

45. “I don’t mind going to sleep at night knowing that I’ll dream of you.”

Isn’t it nice to know that someone is going to sleep every night thinking of you? And isn’t it better to know that you have someone who loves you who is dreaming of you when they go to sleep at night?