In a bizarre incident, Tom Hanks yells at fans to back off after nearly knocking his wife Rita over

One of Hollywood’s most excellent guys, Tom Hanks, recently showed a different side when fans surrounded the couple as they left a restaurant in New York and messed with his wife, Rita Wilson. As she returned to her car, Wilson slowed down, and a crowd of fans stepped on her, causing her to stumble and shout.

Hanks was incensed by this and turned to the fans, telling them firmly that they had screwed up.

“That is my wife,” he shouts. “Back the f— off!”

As soon as Hanks, Wilson, and their security left the restaurant, they headed to their vehicles, as celebrities have to do to avoid being approached by fans and paparazzi. Hanks was followed by fans taking photos and videos. One appeared to hold a deflated volleyball and a pen, saying, “it’s been a long time” and “how are you?”

This person could have been a vast Hanks fan, as the volleyball brings to mind an iconic film of his, Cast Away. The fan wanted Hanks to sign the ball, but the actor focused on getting to where he was. Initially, he smiled and bowed but wasn’t as friendly as usual.

Wilson (his wife, not the volleyball) slowed, and nobody noticed, and the fans ended up walking right into her.

“Stop it!” Wilson commanded.

Angry, Hanks shouts at the crowd for “knocking over his wife” and stares them down for a few seconds before being led away by security.  

“Sorry about that, Tom,” one fan says.

Other fans and paparazzi seem to want to point the finger at others for what happened.

“What are y’all doing?” says the fan who actually walked into Wilson.

It is understandable that Hanks swore in defense of his wife, especially after he displayed patience with so many fans throughout his career, helping him earn the reputation of a gracious and kind man. As he travels on a press tour for his latest film, Elvis, he may be under extra stress from not being able to leave restaurants alone. His return from Brisbane, Australia, where the film’s star, Austin Butler, screened is still fresh in his mind.

Fans were quick to defend Hanks on social media, praising him for standing up for his wife. However, there isn’t anything to defend the actor from this point, as no one seems to be critiquing his reaction, even if they were surprised to hear such emotion coming from a normally calm individual. But the guy who ran into Wilson and then passed the blame onto the other fans is going through a bit of a roasting.

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Source: TMZ

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