Is He Into Me? 10 Signs That Prove That He’s Into You

5. He takes you to meet his friends and family.

He really wants to expose you to all aspects of his life – and that includes his social circles. He wants you to meet the most important people in his life so that you can feel like an important person to him as well.

6. He opens up to you about the intimate aspects of his life.

He really opens up to you about the most intimate aspects of his life. He wants you to feel like he is comfortable with you and that you can be completely comfortable with him as well.

7. He gives you his full attention even when you’re in a crowded room.

It doesn’t matter if you’re both in a room full of different people. He is always going to give you his full attention. He will never make you feel like he’s just ignoring you. He’s not going to make it seem like you are anything less than a priority to him.

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